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3 hours ago

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5 Topics, Two answers: IN OR OUT!!!! Michael Bish of The Four Wide Podcast joins Drew Willingham to bring you Episode 35 of this ALL NEW Sports Debate Show! LegacyMaker Sports Network, Presents, The IN or OUT Sports Debate, a LIVE show produced by SIRTOBA Media. 🚨EPISODE XXXV🚨 Round 1: The NFL Hall of Fame game set the tone for Doug Pederson and the Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 season negatively.Round 2: Kevin Durant is the greatest athlete to ever wear the number 35 in sports history.Round 3: The Philadelphia 76ers need to make more moves to be true contenders for the 22-23 season.Round 4: Howie Roseman’s off-season moves have reinvigorated the Philadelphia Eagles towards becoming a threat in playoffs.Final Round: The Juan Soto trade was a better deal overall for the Washington Nationals.#kevindurant #eagles #juansoto See MoreSee Less
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DDT – DOUBLE DEBATE TUESDAY IS BAAAAAAAACK!Drew Willingham (@the.real.d.willy) brings us TWO ALL-NEW Episodes of The IN or OUT Sports Debate (@inoroutsportsdebate) with Specials Guests!6:30PM ET: EPISODE 35 – Michael Bish (@mbish__) of The Take One Podcast (@takeonepodcast_) & Four Wide Podcast joins to talk about The Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers), Juan Soto (@juansoto_25), Philadelphia Eagles (@philadelphiaeagles), and more!8:00PM ET: EPISODE 36 – Paul Scofield RETURNS to UNC Tar Heels (@goheels), Aaron Judge (@thejudge44), Philadelphia Eagles, LeBron James, and more!LIVE TONIGHT on our Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to view the episodes. Episodes will be in syndication on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Prime, Overcast, and Apple Podcast post production as well.TUNE in TONIGHT for MORE ⚡️ ACTION! See MoreSee Less
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Hard to think it’s been 10 years since the last perfect game. Seems like there’s a near one a few times every season. What do you think King Félix’s career as a whole? #OnThisDay #MLBHistory #PerfectGame #SeattleMariners #KingFelix #FelixHernandez See MoreSee Less
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