NFL Preview Series: Jaguars, Browns, Saints, Cardinals & Cowboys (9-9-20)

NFL Preview Series: Jaguars, Browns, Saints, Cardinals & Cowboys (9-9-20)

By: Robb Johnson

Robb Johnson-LMS Network Columnist and Co-Host of “In or Out”

We are finally getting close to week 1 in the National Football League with a Thursday Night Kickoff between the Houston Texans and Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs. Before we get to that I would like to give a quick preview of the teams that I cover for the LegacyMaker Sports Network. The Jaguars, Browns, Saints, Cardinals, and Cowboys.

I am big on preseason; many fans and media are not and for me that is disappointing because you really get to see what shapes a team. In the NFL especially you must understand that it is truly next man up and that you need to know if your backup is truly ready to step into the bright lights and perform. So, with no preseason the best thing I can give you an educated guess on where the teams will finish record wise, and their most important player.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Photo courtesy: Jacksonville Jaguars

We start with the Jaguars, they have basically sold off most of their team, they look dead in the water, their rebuilding stage has truly begun. Look for the best player in Jacksonville to be Linebacker Josh Allen who had 10.5 sacks last season. He will be playing his heart out for a team that will only win 2 to 4 games.

Cleveland Browns

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The next team is the Cleveland Browns, a team that adds Austin Hooper at tight end to an already explosive offense. However, everything will depend on the offensive line and what goes in between the ears of Baker Mayfield, is the young veteran Quarterback truly ready to step up and make an impact?

I say yes and no, he will have improved numbers this season, but as far as making a run that is just not realistic for this team. They have the talent; they just do not have what it takes to get to the promise land. They will find some way to win a big game, and them go on a ridiculous losing streak because of bone headed mistakes.  Their best player is also on defense, Myles Garrett. He is ready to come back as a sack machine in 2020. Look for him to challenge the NFL’s all-time sack record.

The Browns will be respectable in 2020. I see them winning 6 to 8 games, no playoffs.

The next team features the Cardinals, the team is looking to go from an average team who could not protect their quarterback to a team that has fire power on each side of the ball this year.

Arizona Cardinals

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I see the Cardinals making the playoffs and possibly getting to a second-round game where they will go down. And by the far the best player in Arizona is quarterback Kyler Murray who will take the Cardinals to great highs or low pit falls. When you add DeAndre Hopkins with other surrounding good parts. On defense you have Budda Baker, Chandler Jones and their new weapon at linebacker Isaiah Simmons. The Cardinals out of all the teams on this list have a legit chance at winning two or more Super Bowls in the next ten years in my opinion.

New Orleans Saints

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The next team up is a team that I feel has a chance to be in the Super Bowl, is the New Orleans Saints. The Saints ended last year on a sour note, and with Drew Brees retirement getting closer and closer. You feel that the team is not only going to come out hard for him and try to give him that John Elway type of sendoff either this year or next. The Saints receivers along with strong backfield, make them lethal. I will give them a high record of twelve to fourteen wins. And their best player is Brees, the forty plus year old quarterback in my opinion will have a career year breaking Peyton Manning’s single season passing record.

Dallas Cowboys

Photo courtesy: Darrell Owens-LMS Network

The last team on my preview is the Dallas Cowboys. This also will be short and sweet, but the Cowboys must take advantage of the one weapon that they have that most teams wish they had. That being Ezekiel Elliott, who most consider the better running backs in the league. The Cowboys went out and surprisingly drafted CeeDee Lamb out of Oklahoma adding him to Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. However, the Cowboys have questions on defense, can they stay healthy in the front seven and is their secondary championship worthy. So, if those things can be answered, getting Elliott major touches and have the defense step up. The Cowboys could be Super Bowl worthy, if not then I see them as an 8-8 to 9-7 barely making the playoffs and losing the division to the Eagles.