Week 8 Coaching Takes: Heating Up/ Cooling Off (11-3-20)

By: James Brown

Headline Photo Courtesy: Sports Illustrated

James Brown-LMS Network Columnist & Beat Reporter

​The NFL season is halfway over, and we’re back with update on which Coaches are sitting on the hot seat. Two coaches have already been relieved of their duties in Atlanta’s Dan Quinn and Houston’s Bill O’Brien. At this point most teams have a pretty good idea of where they stand in their 2020 campaign and changes could be on the horizon.

Heating Up

New York Jets: Adam Gase – Charred

Photo courtesy of Bleachers Report

​The Jets are 0-8 at the halfway point and appear to be in full tank mode to secure the number 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence. Adam Gase has failed to implement the offensive scheme that supposedly got him the job. In addition to the lack of offensive genius Gase has failed to further develop Sam Darnold. At this point many believe that Darnold will likely be moved this offseason with the expectation of the Jets bringing in Lawrence. Before Darnold makes an exit though his coach needs to be shown the door. Adam should be fired any day now and no one is quite sure why Jet’s leadership is delaying the decision. It’s simple Gase has to go, just look at how Ryan Tannehill was able to turn his career around after leaving Gase.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Doug Marrone – Burning

Photo courtesy of Bleachers Report

​The Jacksonville Jaguars sit at the bottom of the AFC South at 1-6 after 8 weeks. Doug Marrone is sure to be fired at season’s end if not sooner. Whatever magic the team Displayed in Week 1 against the Colts has since faded. Gardner Minshew is looking to be just another average NFL QB capable of winning a game or two but not able to carry a team as their starter. Team owner Shad Kahn is more than likely looking at rebooting this franchise in the off season by bringing in a new staff and a new QB whether it be through the draft or free agency. The Jaguars have some nice pieces on offense in WR DJ Chark and rookie surprise RB James Robinson. The Jaguar’s defense has some nice pieces in place as well with Edge Rusher Josh Allen, LB Joe Shobert, and rookie CJ Henderson. 

Detroit Lions: Matt Patricia – Warm

Photo Credit: Detroit Lions

​Halfway through the season the Lions have a record of 3-4 and are currently in third place in the NFC North. Barring a collapse from the Packers and Bears the Lions will likely miss the postseason again this year. Patricia has been able to get the team to play some good football this season and it looks like his guys are buying into his philosophy. At this point Patricia will need to have a strong second half to prove to the Ford family that he is the man for the job. I do believe that if the Lions finish below .500, they will look to find a new Head Coach.

Los Angeles Chargers: Anthony Lynn – Warm

Photo Courtesy: LA Times

​We have a new entry on the list with Charger’s Head Coach Anthony Lynn. The Chargers have found their QB of the future in Justin Herbert who has shown real promise the potential to a start in this league. Despite Herbert’s stellar play the Chargers have a current record of 2-5 and are in last in the AFC West. The Chargers last lost 3 of their last 4 games despite holding at least a 17-point lead in all three losses. If Anthony Lynn wants to keep his job as Head Coach, he needs to find a way to get his team to finish games and turn these leads into wins. Herbert’s emergence would make the Chargers job quite attractive in the event Lynn is fired. While I feel that Lynn will find a way to get his team to win nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. 

Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy – Warm

Photo Courtesy: Bleachers Report

​The Mike McCarthy experiment seems to be failing in Dallas, the Cowboys are currently 2-6 and are in third place in the NFC East. The team appears to have quit on their season and their coach. Dak Prescott went down with an ankle injury in Week 3 and won’t be back this season. Back up QB Andy Dalton has just been placed on the COVID/Reserve list and is expected to be out for at least the next game or two. The offensive line is a shell of its former self and Zeke can’t get anything going or seems to turn the ball over whenever he does make a decent play. The Dallas defense has been historically bad and show no signs of getting better with some players calling out Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan’s scheme. Despite all of this Dallas finds themselves in a spot to possibly capitalize off the rest of their weak division and get a playoff spot. If Dallas continues to nosedive Jerry may be forced to make a decision.