ODU Monarch’s Winning Streak

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA Today

They say it’s not always how you start, but how you finish. This season hasn’t been a pleasant walk in the park for the Monarchs. ODU struggled coming out the gates. I get it. We all get it. Back from Covid after taking the year off due to the pandemic. A new head coach and coaching staff. Ultimately, the players and the coaches were still getting to know each other and getting acclimated with the playbook and everything. Now, ODU finds themselves on a 3 Game Winning Streak and now have a record of 4-6. Football is the game that getting to know yourself and who you are is key. This team have been back and forth with QB’s all season long. One game, the offense wants to look great. And the next game, the defense is the unit that looks great. Another ailment for the Monarchs is not always capitalizing and playing consistent football in both halfs. There were a ton of second half comebacks that fell short for the Monarchs. This win was one of the better wins ODU had all season as they defeated FAU 30-16. The defense was solid. They gave up a lot of rushing yards, but they only held them to just 16 points. ODU seems to be finding an offensive identity as well. Initially, while DJ Mack was starting at QB, they wanted to play more of a run pass option type offense. With Hayden Wolff under Center, the offense is more of a traditional offense and everyone eats. The running game has been superb over the last few weeks and QB play has stepped up and Wolff has been able to find open receivers. Yes, the running game has opened the flood gates for any QB to be able to succeed in this offense. Look for ODU to build upon this recent success to expand their winning streak to 4 games as they visit Middle Tennessee to face the Blue Raiders next week at 3:30 PM.