NFL Tales Of The Week – Week 11 Edition (11-22-21)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr

Headline Photo Credit: Rod Mar-Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson is “As Good As Gone”

Photo Credit: Rod Mar-Seattle Seahawks

There always comes a time in life when we don’t want to admit the truth. It could be something like: I’m getting too old to to play this game. I can’t keep up with these young guys…. Or perhaps we need to upgrade our home or move away from a different area. Maybe we grew up there and we just want to keep that place running in our lives. Or maybe even it’s work related! Maybe we been at our place of work for a good amount of time and we seen the company at it’s high but now we’re at an all time low and there really isn’t an immediate fix to turn things around. Russell Wilson’s name was being flirted around across the league in a possible move. He’s a loyalist of the league. He’s loyal to the game and he’s loyal to the Seahawks too as he gives his blood, sweat, and tears each and every week. But the reality of the matter and the truth he doesn’t want to admit is he will never win another Super Bowl again with the Seattle Seahawks. Injuries are a part of the game. He just came back from injury. His best RB’s are done for the season. But football is a sport where everyone believes it’s the next man up job. Wilson watched what his team was without him as QB Geno Smith took over. They weren’t good at all with Smith starting for them. And now that Wilson is back on the field, the Seahawks are 0-2 in his return. Last week, they loss in a snowstorm and didn’t even manage to score a single point vs. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. This week, they loss to a depleted Arizona Cardinals team that started Colt McCoy at QB. Not only were they without QB Kyler Murray, but they were without WR DeAndre Hopkins and RB Chase Edmonds. I’m not sure which loss is worst to be honest. There is no question Russell Wilson is admitting the truth now and wondering how much longer will he be in Seattle. If you ask me, I believe his days are numbered and we all should be wondering what would it take for the Titans or Saints to get him on their payroll. 

Jets Young Stars

Photo Credit: New York Jets

Over the years, the Jets have been the laughing stock of the league. Signing guys like Le’Veon Bell and even drafting top guys like Sam Darnold hasn’t saved this team at all what so ever. Last summer, the Jets made some good moves. They moved on from Sam Darnold and drafted their QB of the future in Zach Wilson. While he’s on the sideline currently recovering from an injury, Jets fan have been leaning upon yet another promising player of their future, RB Michael Carter. Carter played for NC and had one of the nation’s top offense with the Tar Heels in College Football. We are definitely seeing that transition right into the big leagues with the Jets. He started the season off kind of slow but he has turned it up over the past month or so and he looks like a key piece into their future. Another piece that has been electrifying for this young Jets team is WR Elijah Moore. He was drafted actually in the second round of this past draft and looks like he may be the best out of the bunch. I’ve had all 3 of these guys in my fantasy football leagues so that should say a lot. What’s most impressive with Moore is the WR has been solid with 3 different QB’s this season. The Jets arguably have a big 3 with 3 great prospects to build around. This offense could be scary for years to come.