Washington Commanders 2022 1st Round Pick WR Jahan Dotson Press Conference (4-28-22)

Courtesy: Washington Commanders PR  

On what it was like to get the call that he was coming to Washington:
“Amazing. Honestly, I was left speechless. I couldn’t believe it. It’s pretty much all I’ve been working for all my life. So I’m excited for the moment and ready to get to work.”

On his pre-draft interactions with Washington:
“To be honest, not really. I had one meeting with Coach Terrell, the receivers coach, and that was pretty much about it. I hadn’t heard anything from Washington, so it was kind of a surprise to me as well as it was to you guys. So it is honestly a pretty cool moment just sharing it with my family, back at home is awesome.”

On other teams he heard from:
“Honestly I’ve been hearing from a bunch of teams. A bunch of teams have been showing interest. It wasn’t really one that stood out to me too much, but a lot of teams have been showing interest and I had no idea what draft night was gonna be about.”

On if he feels validation on his decision to stay for his senior year:
“Yeah, for sure. I think it definitely helped me out in a lot of ways. Just a year ago I was thinking about coming out and didn’t know if I was gonna go second, third, fourth round. So, I knew knowing that coming back was gonna help me better my draft stock, better the situation for me and my family. I knew it was a no brainer.”

On his strengths that he will bring to Washington:
“Yeah, I would say my versatility as a receiver, being able to play anywhere on the football field, just being a very savvy receiver, being very smart. And just making some highlight plays and bringing energy to the team.”

On if he is an inside or outside receiver:
“Yeah, I think I can do both to be honest with you. That’s one thing that I feel like is one of my biggest traits in my game is my versatility. To be able to play anywhere, be able to play inside, play outside. So I’m excited for the opportunity. Can’t wait to see what [Offensive Coordinator] Coach Turner has in store.”

On who is with him on draft night:
“Everyone, literally anyone you can think of. My mom, dad, everyone in my family, my cousins, friends, everyone.”

On Washington talking about him being a Punt Returner:
“I haven’t talked too much on special teams but that opportunity’s open. I would more than likely more than gladly, take, take advantage of it.”

On how much he knows about WR Terry McLaurin and WR Curtis Samuel:
“I know a little bit about Terry McLaurin. I played him in college at Ohio State. One of the most underrated receivers in the league, in my opinion, a guy that just produces every single year. You don’t hear much about him, he just comes about his work every single day. So I can’t wait to get to work with that guy and, and really just learn from him.”

On if he can complement WR Terry McLaurin:
“I feel like we complement each other very well. I feel like he’s someone who can play inside and outside and has a lot of versatility in his game. And I feel like whether he’s playing outside and I’m playing inside or I’m playing outside, he’s playing inside, we can complement each other like that.”

On what he improved on to raise his draft stock:
“Just being a more complete receiver. That was a big thing for me coming into my senior year. Just noticing the things that I wasn’t doing well my junior year and just fixing those things and perfecting my craft. Something that I talk about with my dad all the time is just make sure you perfect your craft. Be really good at the things you’re good at and improve on the things that you’re not good at. So that’s brought me a long way and, just putting in the work every single day, has got me here to this moment.”

On things he has worked on since declaring:

“I would say just at the line of scrimmage, using my hands in my releases, and pretty much just focusing on the ball. That was a big thing for me this year. Having no drops was a huge thing that I wanted to accomplish and just making sure I’m focused every single play on my assignment and catching the ball making something happen.”

On if he expected to go as high as the 16th overall pick:
“Honestly, I didn’t to be honest with you, I had no idea where I was gonna go tonight. I’m just happy. I got to go tonight and share this moment with everyone who’s here.” 

On his expectations coming into the draft:
“We were kind of thinking later first, early second. But honestly it was a toss up I could have gone either one, so, I’m just happy that I got picked by the Washington Commanders and ready to get to work for them guys.”

On the call form Head Coach Ron Rivera:
“Yeah, it was crazy. I couldn’t believe it at first. I was basically watching the [Phoenix] Suns vs. [New Orleans] Pelicans game on my phone and Coach Rivera called me and I couldn’t believe I was getting the phone call. Like I already know if obviously I had to answer it, but I didn’t know when to answer it. I didn’t know I had to take a step away from everyone and talked to coach Rivera and he introduced himself and said that he was really excited to have me, and they were gonna pick me and I couldn’t believe it.”

On if watching the NBA game helping him with the Draft:
“Yeah, it did. It did help the draft go along pretty smooth, honestly. I’m always just tuned into other things. Pretty much just watching the games just helped me get my mind off it a little bit. I wasn’t thinking about it too much and making sure that I was on my phone If I got a phone call.”

On if he recognized the number:
“I was willing to roll the dice. I didn’t care who it was. It could have been President Obama calling me. I was gonna answer it. I was ready for the call whoever it was.”

On if his family members are Eagles or Steelers fans:
“Fans from everywhere, Eagles, Cowboys, Steelers, Giants, Commanders, everyone literally. So I got a bunch of fans, but they’ll all be Commander fans now.”

On if he had the Commanders hat already:
“Yeah, I do. Actually, I had a bunch of hats but I was happy to pick this one up. I had, literally every team. I was ready for, whatever came my way.”

On knowing that you can live out your dream playing in the NFL:
“It’s a surreal moment. It hasn’t really hit me fully. I feel like it is crazy. All the hard work that I’ve put in to get to this moment, I’ve dreamed about it forever and it’s honestly crazy. I can’t even put it into words right now. I’m just really excited, really happy just to be in this moment right now. Little kids dream of this moment, and a lot of people don’t get to achieve it. So, to be able to sit here and really say that I was the first-round pick be to play for the Washington Commanders is a dream come true.”