ODU Ends 2-Game Skid, Defeats Arkansas State (9-24-22)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network

There comes a time in life when you look in the mirror and accept who you are. This takes time. Oftentimes, it requires many years to get to know yourself as a person to determine and understand who you truly are. We realize what our likes and dislikes are and we also realize what we are good at and not so good at. We see where we excel and where we don’t excel and from there, we do what’s best for us. Sometimes, we may never be great at something. And that’s perfectly fine! Why? Because there are other areas of life where we may be really good at something.

As we know, ODU had some QB battles last season. Now, the team is fully under Hayden Wolff. This team believes in him, the coaching staff trust him, and the fans stand behind 100%. With Wolff leading the charge, 1 thing is for certain and 2 things are for sure. 1 thing for certain, the running game struggles. The Monarchs just can’t seem to figure it out up front. This O-Line is built to protect the QB and they don’t have the foot work to create holes for their RB’s. This is a situational run team. The 1st thing for sure is that this team excels in the passing game.

Both WR Ali Jennings lll (6’2) and TE Zach Kuntz (6’8) have the exceptional size that many college scouts are looking into to possibly add to their NFL franchise. That size and speed they both possess help this team find mismatches to create scoring opportunities. The 2nd thing for sure is the fact that this ODU defense comes to play every week. Their ability to force turnovers every week along with their capability of turning these turnovers into TDs makes this ODU Monarch team a very dangerous squad to compete with in College Football. The Monarchs picked up a much-needed victory vs. Arkansas State as they avoided a 3-game losing streak defeating the Red Wolves 29-26. ODU moves to 2-2 as they prepare to host Liberty next weekend at 6 PM ET.