Drew Willingham

Drew Willingham LMSN Columnist/Video Producer Creator of the IN or Out Sports Debate Show

Drew Willingham 

Facebook: Drew Willingham
Twitter: @DrewWillingham
Instagram: d_willy87

Real Name: Drew Willingham

Nicknames: D Willy & The Camel

Hometown: Colonial Heights, Va

Biggest Sports Rivals: 
Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Phillies, Old Dominion, USC Football, Tom Brady

The One Sport I can’t live without: 
Baseball, it’s in the bloodline.

The athlete you are supposed to hate but secretly love: Lebron James

The one sport I wouldn’t notice if it disappeared: Cycling, Lance Armstrong ruined it for me.

Favorite Sports Movie: Rocky Series, Hoosiers, & Remember the Titans.

Best Year in Sports Life: 2018, returned from a 15 year retirement to play semi-pro baseball in the Virginia Commonwealth Baseball League, for the Dinwiddie County Cubs. As a First Baseman, I made the All-star Team and played in towns that are south of Richmond that stretch from Petersburg on down to Suffolk. 

Favorite Athlete from hometown: Whitney Hedgepeth, Swimming – 3 time NCAA Champion and 1996 Olympic Gold/Silver Medalist.

Favorite Teams:

NFL – Washington Redskins
MLB – Atlanta Braves
NBA – Chicago Bulls
NHL – Washington Capitals
NCAAF – Virginia Tech Hokies
NCAAB (Men’s & Women’s) – VCU Rams
 WWE – The Hardy Boyz

Favorite Athletes:
NFL – Peyton Manning (All-Time) Adrian Peterson (Current)
MLB -Cal Ripken Jr(All-Time) Bryce Harper (Current)
NBA – Michael Jordan (All-Time) Stephen Curry(Current)
NHL – Wayne Gretzky (All-Time) Alex Ovechkin (Current)
NCAAF -Tim Tebow (Florida)
NCAAB (Men’s & Women’s) – Tyler Hansbrough (Men’s) Candace Parker (Women’s)
Nascar – Bill Elliott (All-Time) Denny Hamlin (Current)
Boxing – Mike Tyson ( All-Time) 
MMA- Anderson Silva (All-Time) Brock Lesnar (Current)
WWE- The Rock (All-Time) Braun Strowman (Current)