Basketball Never Dies – Big 3 Returns! (7-11-21)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Courtesy: CBS Sports

During this time of the year, most basketball junkies are in a sad and depressed mood. When you’re a die hard of your team, and you guys don’t make the playoffs, that’s one thing to be down about. But if your team do happen to make the playoffs and you get an early exit, that’s another thing! But you still happen to watch basketball even when your team isn’t there, you still have something to watch. But once the NBA Finals are over, typically you’re really down in the dumps. Not Anymore! Thanks to Ice Cube. Season 4 is here in Big 3 Basketball! Summertime Hoops is here and the stakes are high this season. The championship game will be played in The Beautiful Bahamas this season. Week 1 of the Big 3 Basketball League didn’t disappoint at all. Here are my takeaways from this weekend’s games for each team.

Photo Credit: Sporting News


Cuttino Mobley Still Got It. Dude is literally a walking bucket. Remind me of an older James Harden.


Isaiah Austin would have been a nice pro in the NBA if he wasn’t medically barred from playing. 


This team is a team with no direction. PG play was lousy and all of the bigs were jacking up shots they had no business taking. Bivouac needs to Trust The Process


Joe Johnson is picking up right where he left off last season. They got a good team already but Joe Johnson looks like he may win MVP again. They have the best odds to win it all again and it shows. 

Killer 3’s

They miss Stephen Jackson on the court. Need more scoring. Someone needs to step up quick or it may be a long season


Isaiah Briscoe and Jarrett Jack carried Trilogy and this was against a bad team. They can score but they will have to get everyone else involved more as time goes on. Trilogy already looks like a middle of the pack squad. Almost like the Wizards with Russ and Bradley Beal.


It’s Week 1 and they may have loss, but they will be a force to wrecken with all season. There is too much talent on paper for Tri-State. Keep an eye out on them.

3 Headed Monster

As long as Rashard Lewis is healthy, this team will go far. He has a lot of help this season too. They got a good win and Rashard Lewis wasn’t even asked to do a lot. That’s telling alone. 

Ball Hogs

This team is constructed perfectly for this era of basketball. A perimeter oriented team, they have the ability to still play inside out. Defense will be the only question here for the Ball Hogs. 

3’s Company

On the flipside, 3’s Company is an old school team. You get a lot of old school feels when watching them. They will compete in every game as we saw in Game 1. Wins however may not translate a lot this year for them.

Ghost Ballers

Mike Taylor was everywhere on the floor doing everything at that! Normally, sophomore slumps come into play but he is the co-captain here and he looks like he may give Joe Johnson a run at MVP if he plays like this every week. 


The Aliens don’t have a ton of shooting and this may haunt them throughout the season. They have one of the better defensive teams and they all can lock up in moments. The only concern is scoring. Renaldo Balkman was the leading scorer and that may be an issue over time. 

Power 51

Enemies 46


Bivouac 39

Triplets 51


Killer 3’s 38

Trilogy 50


Tri-State 39

3 Headed Monsters 50


Ball Hogs 50

3’s Company 41


Ghost Ballers 51

Aliens 45