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After Week 13, We see Russ maintain the overall lead (128-65)…he holds a 4-game lead over Kristina (124-69) for the overall league lead. Russ maintains his lead in the All-Star division. James (123-70)for the lead in the Legends division. Darrell (11-2), Jay, Victor, James & Ty (9-4) are the NFL Experts of the Week. Lamonte hit on his 1st Lone Ranger Pick of the year. Robb now has a three-game lead over Corey, Lamonte & Kristina & now we head into Week 14…Who will be on top after Week 14? #NFL #NFLPL #lmsnetwork NFL Experts PicksRecords through 13 WeeksLegends DivisionJames 123-70 (9-4)Darrell 120-73 (11-2)Victor 115-78 (9-4)Justice 114-79 (8-5)Joey 113-80 (6-7)Corey 111-82 (7-6)Lamonte 107-86 (8-5)All-Star DivisionRuss 128-65 (8-5)Kristina 124-69 (8-5)Ty 121-72 (9-4)Larry 114-79 (8-5)Jay 112-81 (9-4)Robb 108-85 (7-6)Joe 103-90 (3-10)Playoff Standings Through 13 WeeksDivision Winners get 1st Round Bye#1 Russ (AS Div Leader)#2 James (Leg Div Leader)#3 Kristina#4 Ty#5 Darrell#6 VictorOverall Standings After Week 131. Russ 128-65 (8-5)2. Kristina 124-68 (8-5)3. James 123-70 (9-4)4. Ty 121-72 (9-4)5. Darrell 120-73 (11-1)6. Victor 115-78 (9-4)———————————-7. Larry 114-79 (8-5)7. Justice 114-79 (8-59. Joey 113-80 (6-7)10. Jay 112-91 (9-4)11. Corey 111-82 (7-6)12. Robb 108-85 (7-6)13. Lamonte 107-86 (8-5)14. Joe 103-90 (3-10)Lone Rangers: (Record 6-15) Pats over Steelers (Joe)❌Bengals over Jags (Lamonte)✅Clean Sweeps: (Record 13-5)Lions over Saints ✅NFL Experts Team Picks as a Group(14 Experts Total) 7-5-1Cowboys 12-2 Dolphins 11-3 Chiefs 12-2 Chargers 13-1 (Joe) LRSteelers 11-3Colts 9-5Broncos 8-6Lions 14-0 (CS)Falcons/Jets 7-7Bucs 11-3Rams 10-4Jags 13-1 (Lamonte) LR See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

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Episode 12 of this Green Bay Packers Podcast, Darrell breaks down the Packers’ Week 12 Matchup vs. The Lions. Also a preview of Packers vs Chiefs for Week 13 of the 2023 NFL Season and much more #Packers #GreenBayPackers #Football #GGOE #NFL #LegacyMakerSports See MoreSee Less
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VCU mens basketball should be running sprints all day today. -Robb Johnson#ramtalkwithrobbjohnson See MoreSee Less
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