RJ Sports Lounge Today: The Truth is Complicated Dak Prescott (1-23-22)

By: Robb Johnson

Headline Photo Credit: NFL.com

Robb Johnson-LMS Network Columnist and Co-Host of “In or Out”

This piece today may hurt some feelings, it may cause some to not like me and that is quite okay with me. My job is to shoot it to you straight the way my eyes see from a journalistic standpoint. The topic today is Dak Prescott, this quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys was a late-round pick who came into the NFL and turned heads. He led his team to the playoffs with a 13-3 record, he has had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. This quarterback took over when Tony Romo’s body could no longer go on the football field. This quarterback is a leader, he is a warrior he is a man that you want to follow.
But the reality is that he has been very lucky in his NFL career, I say that because he has gotten away with so many throws that should have been interceptions. He has gotten away with the fact that he has been gifted really good weapons throughout his NFL career. But most important he was gifted a running game early on that completely took the pressure off of him, and now that the running game is suffering so is his game. Prescott is a quarterback that in 2021-22 season threw for 4,449 yards with 37 touchdowns and only ten interceptions. He missed a game due to a half injury as well.Prescott in his career has 22,083 yards with 143 touchdowns and 50 interceptions, and with all that being said. He is still an average quarterback, and with those stats why is he average?

Well, this topic is deep, and the deep reality is that still in 2022 even though we see black quarterbacks everywhere. The sad reality is that the black athlete still must do more, we have entire examples of white quarterbacks who have not got it done and are not questioned the way guys like Dak and Patrick Mahomes are.
Let’s take this deeper with Prescott, the NFL fined Prescott more for his comments towards the referees than they did about Aaron Rodgers lying about the big bad coronavirus. Prescott was fined just over ten thousand more dollars than Rodgers.
Prescott has been the ultimate team player, but because he plays for a team that always has high expectations, he is the scapegoat. My question to the media out there is do you all watch the games?

Football is a sport where you can be really good this year and be bad next, here is the true reality of the thing. Zeke is no longer great; he is good, not great. The offensive line is no longer what it used to be, guys are getting older, and they can no longer hold their blocks as effectively. The wide receivers are good, but the hype around them is way overblown.
Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes to why the Cowboys lost to the 49ers, their number one issue was penalties. When you have fourteen penalties, especially ones that were as bad as Dallas had then expected to lose playoff games. The second reason is that Kellen Moore has been made by Prescott, he is not a good coach. If he gets a head coaching job, he will flame out quickly.

This piece again is deep because I started it talking about all the things that are said are wrong with Prescott, then I laid down some reality.The bottom line is the state of the black quarterback is still fluid in the NFL, the topic is not dead by any means. The Dallas Cowboys fan are the biggest problem, I see them saying how they need another quarterback and blaming Prescott for their issues.My message is to be real with you, this team has not won a title since 95-96 and remains the most popular team in the NFL. Whether they win or lose they are always getting the headlines. Prescott is a leader who plays his ass off and all I hear is complaining.

Let me remind you all of life in Dallas after Troy Aikman, it was not a good era. Prescott plays for the fans and the star. He has never turned his back on the organization, always doing the right thing by the team.
My warning today is to be careful what you wish for, he is not perfect on the field by any means. However, do you remember how ugly things got when the quarterback situation was a complete dumpster fire? You have to take those things into mass consideration.Now going back to Dak, I highlighted that yes quarterbacks of color still in my opinion face a tougher time than their fellow white counterparts.

Now, what are you going to do about it? This off-season needs to be all work and no play; it is time for you to prove that you can win a championship and make your march to being the best quarterback in team history. The Dallas Cowboys are all about the history and making money, Prescott has to continue to work hard like he did when he left Mississippi State.
His hunger for more than just stats has to be a priority and he does this he will be remembered as a hero.
If he doesn’t, he is just another guy with stats, and he is the black version of Kirk Cousins, both quarterbacks have a combined two playoff wins. So, the comparison is harsh, but it’s necessary. Will Dak get the monkey off his back? Only time will tell.