3 NBA Head Coaches Already on the Hot Seat (10-8-19)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr

Headline Photo Courtesy: LA Times (Scott Brooks-Wizards Head Coach)

In the NBA, players aren’t always held accountable for the team’s failures. The funny thing when the team is winning, they get all the praise in the world. Sometimes, the GM will catch some praise too, especially when it comes to signing a superstar. But the only individual who catches hell when a team is struggling is the Head Coach. All eyes are pointed towards the Coach and they are always the first one to get that pink slip. Here are the Top 3 Coaches In the NBA who may have that pink slip coming their way soon…

1.       Scott Brooks (Washington Wizards)

He’s had success in Oklahoma City with the Thunder. The only difference is he coached 2 Generational Talents in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Bradley Beal is good, and so is John Wall. However, they aren’t even half as great as KD and Russ. Scott Brooks may be a good coach. It’s kind of hard to gauge due to the fact that this Wizards team has yet to stay healthy during his tenure. Coach Brooks is on thin ice.

76ers Head Coach Brett Brown
(Photo Courtesy: NBC Sports)

2.       Brett Brown (Philadelphia 76ers)
Not only did Coach Brown have his best season as the Sixers Coach last season, he also had his best roster too. Acquiring Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris was the perfect fit for Philadelphia. On paper, the Sixers had the best starting 5 in the entire Eastern Conference last season. Despite the loss of Butler, the addition of Al Horford still gives them the best starting 5, especially defensively. Coach Brown preaches defense religiously. If he can’t get it done with this group of guys, he will never get it done. 


3.       Billy Donovan (OKC Thunder)

Thunder Head Coach Billy Donovan
(Photo Courtesy: USA Today)

The Ownership and front office in Oklahoma City appear to be jumpstarting a complete rebuild. After trading Russell Westbrook and Paul George, we can’t expect Coach Donovan to have the Thunder competitive this season. In fact, the goal for this franchise may be to lose as many games as they possibly can this season. The Thunder will be in a very compromising position all season long, and it’s really nothing much Coach Donovan can do about it. It remains to be seen if Donovan is the man for this job. One thing that is clear is that this team won’t win many games this season the way this roster is constructed. It’s going to be a long season for the Thunder.