Coaching Takes: Heating Up & Cooling Off (9-15-20)

By: James Brown
Headline Photo Courtesy: Atlanta Falcons

James Brown-LMS Network Columnist
& Beat Reporter

Heating Up

Atlanta Falcons: Dan Quinn

After Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks Dan Quinn’s seat in Atlanta has gone up a few degrees. The Falcons loss their season and home opener 38-25 to the Seattle Seahawks. Quinn was supposed to be a defensive guru but yet Russell Wilson torched the Falcons defense for 322 yards, 4 touchdowns, and completed 31 of 35 pass attempts. While the Falcons secondary is young Quinn’s defensive unit has a lot to prove if they want to keep their coach employed. Another dismal defensive display like this and team owner Arthur Blank may begin to think it’s time for a change. 

Detroit Lions: Matt Patricia

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The Lions were in place to win their season opener entering the 4th quarter or Sunday’s game up 10 points against the Chicago Bears. Then almost on cue, the Lions began to crumble. Detroit allowed Mitchell Trubisky to drive the field twice to put up two late scores to take a 27-23 lead with 1:54 left on the clock. Detroit was able to get the ball back and drive the field to get in place to get the game-winning touchdown, but rookie RB D’Andre Swift was unable to snag the winning catch. With this blown lead resulting in a loss for the Lions HC Matt Patricia’s seat has gone up a degree or two. If he can prove to the front office that he can coach this team to wins the Ford family may be in the market for a new coach this offseason or sooner. 

New York Jets: Adam Gase

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The New York Jets lost their season opener 27-17 to the division favorite Buffalo Bills. Most of the game the Jets looked incapable of moving the football or stopping an opposing offense. The Jets first five drives when as follows punt, punt, punt, punt, and interception. While some in the league view Adam Gase as a respected offensive mind he has yet to show the offensive whit with this Jets offense. While Sam Darnold hasn’t had much to work with, he’s proven that he can make chicken salad with less than adequate chicken parts, if you know the saying. GM Joe Douglas may soon be forced to decide to save Gase’s job or ultimately to move on from Gase to prove that he is capable of building a winning team. The Jets can’t afford to waste too many more of Darnold’s developing years.

Cooling Off

Jacksonville Jaguars: Doug Marrone

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The Jacksonville Jaguars got the upset win Sunday over the Colts 27-20 to open the season earing HC Doug Marrone a little more leeway in Jacksonville. Many expected the Jaguars to be tanking this season in hopes to get a high and possibly the top pick in the 2021 draft. Jacksonville battled back and forth throughout the game keeping the score close against the Colts. The defense was able to make some good plays against Philip Rivers and the Colts offense, intercepting Rivers twice. Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew II showed to have made positive strides through the offseason and it showed in Sunday’s opener. Minshew went 19 of 20 for 173 yards and 3 touchdown passes. While it is only week one a division win will go a long way in keeping Marrone around in Jacksonville.