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ODU bounces back with a 47-7 victory over Hampton (9-11-21)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Jessica Dickason-LMS Network

Tyrone Montgomery Jr-LegacyMaker Sports Network Columnist & Host of The Balling Podacst

Sometimes in life, you can get rusty and not know who you are. You may have some good qualities but you also may have some bad qualities. You may be really intelligent about a certain aspect of life and it may even be something you feel confident about. When you find something you’re good at, it’s best to stick to it, fully master it, and learn to incorporate more into it. The goal is always to continue to grow.

Photo Credit: Jessica Dickason-LMS Network

The Monarchs may have found out who they are over the weekend. ODU defeated Hampton 47-7 and now improve to 1-1. This was their first home game of the season. Remember, the Monarchs haven’t played football in a very long time so they’re still trying to find their identity. There was a QB Battle between Hayden Wolff and DJ Mack. However, this team plays better and has more of a spark with the Mack Attack. They’re able to run the ball so much better when Mack is in.

Photo Credit: Jessica Dickason-LMS Network

The reason why is because he poses as a threat just as much as the RB’s and the run option is there and it even opens up the passing game. DJ Mack passed for 162 Yards on 11/22 Completions, passing for a TD. That was created by the run-heavy scheme ODU had. Mack had 3 TD alone on his feet but it’s very rare you see 2 RB’s account for over 100 Rushing Yards each! Jon-Luke Peaker and Elijah Davis created a ton of offense as Davis was able to even find the endzone as well. Perhaps there’s a 2-headed monster in that backfield and maybe even 3 really with DJ Mack in the game. The job belongs to him and ODU can look to be a dangerous matchup with all 3 of them on top of their games.