Tales of The Week – (NFL Week 3 2017)

By:Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Tyrone Montgomery Jr.
Sports Columnist-LMS Network

Normally, I give you 3 Tales of The Week every Tuesday from the NFL Weekend. Normally, I don’t discuss politics or anything related to politics. Normally, things tend to not bother me as I am often easy going. But normally, protest doesn’t happen across the league. Nearly every team in the NFL this  past weekend took some form of protest all across the country. This even happened outside of the country as the Ravens and Jaguars played a game in London. On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump officially became The President of The United States of America. As I mentioned before, I am not a political man. However, the law is set up in a way where our everyday lives are in the hands of the leader of our country, President Trump. Many people aren’t fans of Mr. Trump or even very fond of him either. When he won the election, the only thing I knew of him was that he had a lot of money and that he played on a show called “The Celebrity Apprentice” that I watched in school for my Marketing class.

On that show, Donald Trump was a jerk then, and quite frankly, he has proven himself to be a jerk now. Colin Kaepernick started a trend last season where he decided to take a knee during the National Anthem. Many individuals felt this was a slight towards our country, and that Kaepernick was simply being disrespectful. The question is, “Do you know why Colin Kaepernick decided to take the knee?” Our country has always had problems. Honestly speaking, this world as a whole has always had problems. In a perfect world, we all want to live in peaceful times and be happy. I mean we do call ourselves “The United States Of America.“ But over the years, due to mainstream media, many people have realized and saw with their very own eyes the state in which our world is in. Racism still exist, innocent people are dying, being falsely accused, and parents are having to bury their children. Sadly, we all just can’t seem to get along. Colin Kaepernick wanted to raise awareness of all the terrible things that was happening over the world.

That is why he decided to kneel during the National Anthem. He never said he didn’t like the country he resides in. He never said the American Flag was a problem. Kaepernick just doesn’t like or appreciate the things that are happening in America at the moment. He’s not alone in his endeavors. Hundreds of NFL players around the league are now following in Colin’s footsteps and taking a stand of their own. These players have the same idea in mind. They have no problem with The American Flag or the Country. The problem here is the chaos in which we are all living in. This weekend, a war has started. These protest aren’t just happening in The NFL. Major League Baseball, the NBA and    The WNBA as well. Reigning NBA Champion Steph Curry has refused a White House Visit with Trump in office. In fact, the whole Golden State Warriors organization refused this invitation. All of these events made President Trump “Angry” so he uninvited The Warriors to The White House. However, It didn’t stop there. President Trump had this to say: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL Owners, when somebody disrespects our flag say (Get that Son of a B***H off the field right now! Out! He’s fired!!!).” A leader is supposed to be someone we like, someone we can look up to, someone we can trust. A leader is approachable, kind, and someone who talks to his people with the utmost respect. As a leader, the goal is to bring people together. Leaders want to bring people together. The goal is to be United….The United States of America!

President Donald Trump has failed to do that. This weekend, football became simply just a game. Sports in general became just a game. These chains of events have become bigger than football. This is real life, this is our lives. This was my biggest takeaway from the weekend. President

Trump alone has been a Tale of The Week. Hopefully, change will come soon.