“Tales of The NFL” Week 6

By:Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

1.Eagles Flying High

The Eagles are soaring up the power rankings in the NFL. Let’s face it. Not many people even gave this team a chance. Let’s disect why. Carson Wentz, who was a rookie last season that stood out and caught many people by surprise. Normally, rookies tend to have setbacks and experience sophomore slumps their second year because teams now have a full season of game film on them. Carson Wentz has been different. This QB is special. He reminds me “ALOT” of Aaron Rodgers, but only standing at 6’5. He has good feet and has shown he can pass in the pocket and out of the pocket on the run as well. Another good thing about  Wentz is he never seems to get rattled under pressure, he tends to keep his composure when playing against a tough defense. The offensive line is okay, with good protection. The running game has been a surprise this season, after having such a revolving door at the position over the years. But let’s examine the competition. The Dallas Cowboys are a complete disaster. It’s almost like watching a soap opera with them. When you don’t have good parenting, the kids go wild. Jerry Jones is the father here, and his kids on this Cowboy team just can’t seem to behave theirselves. The Giants are the Giants. They loss both Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall. Despite a win in Denver over the weekend, they’re still who we think they are, a team with only a single win this season. The Redskins are an interesting team. They seem to keep winning games despite their offensive losses over the season. Cousins started off a bit slow, but he seems to be figuring it out and so does the whole team for that matter. Look for The Philadelphia Eagles to keep winning games, because they played most of their road games already and are 5-1. And the final reason why The Eagles are going to keep winning games is because Carson Wentz is for real. He should be in the conversation for MVP.

2.Packers Packing It Up…

The Packers may be without the heart and soul of their team for the rest of the season. Aaron Rodgers, a 2x MVP, 6x Pro Bowler suffered a broken collarbone over the weekend. This is a huge blow for Green Bay, as their second string QB Brett Hundley hasn’t had much playing time and simply looked inexperienced when he relieved Rodgers Sunday afternoon. Losing QB’s can break you easily, and it could be a loss season for The Packers. The running game has been good. However, without their MVP, teams will stuff the box and blitz the entire game stopping the run and not even allowing Hundley to get the ball out of his hand. This team is in trouble, and the window seems to be closing with an aging Jordy Nelson too. Don’t count on this team to make the playoffs with the loss of Aaron Rodgers, unless….. they sign a QB who did manage to bring his team to The Superbowl… Colin Kaepernick….?

3.AP Is Back

Sometimes, in America, we’re not appreciated at our jobs. We may have an amazing resume’ full of accomplishments and certifications. Then we get a job that we always wanted. And while we’re working this job, we work our butts off. Soon after that, you walk into your bosses office and u go “You know boss, I know I’ve been working a lot of overtime, and I really been working extremely hard too. Do you think I can get a raise or a promotion?” And thats the moment that sets that ticking time bomb off in your head when your bosses beat around the bush indirectly telling you now isn’t a good time. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to you. It’s happen to all of us. All your hard work, all your efforts, everything you have done in the past, you may have an outstanding resume’ full of certifications and awards. But you still don’t get that raise and you still don’t get that promotion. This is how Adrian Peterson felt with The New Orlean Saints. Peterson is a lock to make the Hall of Fame, but he has had his fair share of injuries over the years. He’s getting older now, so injuries are expected. But the man can still play football and he can still play football at a very high level. In the 4 games he played with The Saints, Peterson had 27 Carries for 81 YDs. In his single game with The Cardinals, he had 26 Carries for 134 YDs and 2 TDs. It looks like Peterson still has it. It also appears that he works for a company that finally appreciates him. I’m not sure if Arizona’s a playoff team, but It does appear that Peterson will get his fair share which he relightfully deserves. New Orleans may have lost something special.