The Quick Opinion: Aaron Rodgers’ Future

By:Robb Johnson

My NFL quick opinion is more of an opinion and sort of a question all in one. The piece today deals with the Aaron Rodgers. Should Aaron Rodgers demand a trade in Green Bay? My opinion is yes and I say this because he has been underappreciated, he has stuck his neck out for this franchise and given his all even when he has been injured. I believe he should look for a destination with warmer weather, a destination that will pay him what he deserves. There is no way that Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford should have better contracts than Rodgers.

Rodgers deserves better for all that he has done for that town and for the NFL in general. Green Bay your on the clock and you better start making better decisions, before number 12 is somewhere else winning titles while you search for your next star QB.

Again should Aaron Rodgers ask for a trade and here is another question. How much is Rodgers worth money wise?
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