“The Quick Opinion” 2018-19 Top NFL Players

By:Robb Johnson

The Quick Opinion is back! Here are my top 10 players for the NFL Season as of March 10th 2018. My metrics deal with who has the most impact for their team to win games. This list may make people scratch their heads. But please leave a comment and tell me why I am wrong. I’m not going to give reasons why I am just going to give you my top ten most important players going into 2018. If you want a reason why, then please like the Legacy Maker Sports Network on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Go to our blogs page at www.legacymakerblogs.com, we work hard and will continue to work hard. We need fans to engage as well.

10. Eric Berry

9. David Johnson

8. Dak Prescott

7. Aaron Donald…but The entire Rams defense will be a force to be Reckon with!

6. Cam Newton

5. Aaron Rodgers

4. Alex Smith

3. Ezekiel Elliott

2. Tom Brady

1. Nick Foles, because Carson is not guaranteed to play all 16.