Week 2: BIG 3 BASKETBALL RECAP (7-1-19)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network

Ladies and Gentleman, we are two weeks into what is looking like the best season of Big 3 Basketball. Shout out to Ice Cube for making this dream come true. Although extremely hot, Charlotte, NC was amazing.

In game one of Charlotte, the Triplets defeated Trilogy. Joe Johnson was amazing again as he scored 20 Pts. It looks like he still can play at the highest level. Even former NBA Player Caron Butler thought the same when he tweeted “The Lakers could use a vet like #JoeJohnson.” The next game that followed was the Enemies vs. the Ball Hogs. Gilbert Arenas was solid in his Big 3 debut, and the fans loved every minute of it. However, the star of the game was unfortunately on the loser end of things, Will McDonald. He made scoring 27 Pts and grabbing 11 Rebounds look like a piece of cake. The last game to conclude was a bit of a snooze fest. The Killer 3’s took down 3’s Company 50-32. Killer 3’s Captain Stephen Jackson was the leading scorer for the game, and had some interesting comments in his postgame interview.

Enemies Captain Gilbert Arenas makes his BIG3 debut with a victory over the Ball Hogs
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network)

With NBA Free Agency beginning, former Charlotte Hornets G Kemba Walker was in attendance at the Big 3 Game. This was his last time at the Spectrum as a Hornet as he signed with the Celtics the next day. Stephen Jackson said the Hornets never appreciated him when he played for them. He went on to say they’re showing they don’t appreciate Kemba either, or any of the former great players that played there. Whatever the case, the city of Charlotte surely appreciated the Big 3 Basketball League being hosted there. 

Charlotte was only the beginning of Big 3 Basketball. Sunday, the Big 3 made its way to Philadelphia, PA. There, the Ghost Ballers defeated Bivouac 51-46. It was raining 3’s for the Ghost Ballers and that’s really what gave them the edge in the game. The 3 Headed Monsters took down the Aliens 50-44. The 3 Headed Monsters had great production from Rashard Lewis. Who’s having another good season. But Reggie Evans and Larry Sanders has been great for the team too. Finally, Power powered over Tri-State 51-43. Cuttino Mobley led all scorers with 23 Points. He may be the oldest player in the Big 3, but he definitely doesn’t play like it.

3 Headed Monsters #7 Rashad Lewis continues his amazing play vs. Aliens
(Photo Credit: BIG3/Getty Images)

After two weeks, here are the standings. Log on to and for more info.

1. Power (2-0)

2. Triplets (2-0)

3. Killer 3’s (2-0)

4. Ghost Ballers (2-0)

5. 3 Headed Monsters (2-0)

6. Bivouac (2-0)

7. Enemies (1-1)

8. Tri-State (0-2)

9. Trilogy (0-2)

10. Ball Hogs (0-2)

11. Aliens (0-2)

12. 3’s Company (0-2)