“Tales of Week” 2019 NFL Season Week 3 (9-24-19)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

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AB’s Real Problem

What a year it has been for Antonio Brown. Let’s review. It turns out he actually hates Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. He called him a big phony earlier this year. After being traded to the Oakland Raiders, he managed to injure his foot (Frostbite). He missed all of training camp and practice. Once he was able to take the field again, he then threw a fit regarding his helmet. Next, he got into a verbal altercation with Raiders GM Mike Mayock. He then was released by the Raiders, had his contract voided and ultimately loss a lot of money in the end. The Patriots the signed him, he played just one game and played well too. While it was the Dolphins, the Patriots skunked them 43-0 and Antonio Brown logged 4 Rec – 56 Yard – 1 TD. Sadly, AB was released after just one game from the New England Patriots after Sexual Assault Allegations have come to the light for the troubled WR. This has bad news written all over it. One thing that nobody has mentioned here is CTE. It makes me wonder, could AB be the latest victim of CTE? Such a shame to see talent wasted. It appears Brown’s career could be over. It would be hard for any team to take a chance on a player that has this much baggage. The AB Days seem to be over in the NFL.

Good But Not Good Enough

Love was in the air when the Tennessee Titans drafted Marcus Mariota in 2015. After 4 years at Oregon under Coach Chip Kelly, Marcus Mariota finished with 105 TD’s and only 14 INT’s. He also racked up 10,796 passing yards, won the Heisman Award, AP Player of the Year, along with being named to 3 All Pac-12 First Teams. After years of frustration with Jake Locker, the Titans finally found the QB they thought they needed in Marcus Mariota. The city of Tennessee embraced Mariota. The first year was a bumpy start, but all relationships tend to be bumpy early on. The next 3 seasons, the Titans finished 9-7 and Mariota only managed to take them to the playoffs only once since being “The Guy” for the Titans. While set to become a free agent next summer, the Tennessee Titans must ask themselves is Marcus Mariota the right QB for this team? With career stats of 73 TD’s and 42 INT’s, chances are looking slimmer by the weeks that Mariota will be the Titans starting QB next season. Heartbreak happens to everyone in their lifetime. It can happen when you’re young. Some call that puppy love. Maybe a high school crush, or even a high school sweetheart. Or it can happen after college. Heartbreak is happening after college for Mariota. While he isn’t terrible, he is clearly not the guy for this team. I’m not even sure if he’s the guy for any team. At best, he is and will be a backup QB. He will find a job, but his job will be on the sideline with a headset on rather than actually being on the field.

Go DJ, That’s My DJ

The end of an era has finally came. Eli Manning is on the bench, while rookie QB Daniel Jones is on the field. This was something we all looked at our watches and knew it was only a matter of time. This was the relationship where both people knew it was over, but they just didn’t want to be the one to call things off. It was more of a loyalty thing. Eli could arguably be the greatest QB to ever play for the New York Giants. But there comes a time where the what have you done in the past comes to an end, and what have you done for me lately is what’s important. After 15 Years of service, 2 Super Bowls, and 4 Pro Bowls, Eli Manning’s career seems to be coming to an end in New York. It may actually be coming to an end entirely because what more does he have to prove and what more can he possibly prove? But enough about Eli. This is about DJ, Daniel Jones. Many fans scolded when Daniel Jones was selected by the Giants in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Duke Product may not have been the most talented QB in the Draft. However, the Giants considered him the most ready in the draft. He showed just that in Week 3. In his very first start of his career, he went into Tampa Bay and defeated the Buccaneers 32-31. You may say oh, he did it with the best RB in the league. Nope, Barkley left early in the first quarter with an ankle injury. DJ took matters upon himself and did it all. Not only did he throw for over 330+ yards, he threw 2 TD’s and ran 2 TD’s in as well. He was efficient too, with a 64% completion percentage, a passer rating of 109.7, along with 0 TO’s. DJ reminds me a lot of Eagles QB Carson Wentz, who he will see quite often over the years to come. They’re both 6’5, a little over 200 LBS. They both have shown the ability to throw in the pocket and can run too, having great athleticism. Both are 1st Round Picks (Top 10 Overall), and both wasn’t the original plan to be the starter for the season (Carson Wentz replaced the injured Sam Bradford). Don’t look now, but Daniel Jones just may be the best QB in New York between the Jets and the Giants.

Time For A Change

They say time heals all wombs. They also say there’s no better time than the present. Well, 1 thing we know is that time is not with the Washington Redskins when it comes to injuries. The Redskins are still being hit with the injury bug. This has been an ongoing thing since Head Coach Jay Gruden been with this team (2014). Quite frankly, he hasn’t gotten it done with this team, and it seems like he never will. With this being his 6th season with the franchise, he has a record of 35-47-1. Last night’s 31-15 loss to the Bears was inexcusable. Not only were they at home, but they were playing a QB who has been struggling all season long. Mitch Trubisky didn’t just play well, but he broke a personal record of having 20 completions in the first half. Trubisky hasn’t thrown a single TD all season and he had 3 TD’s in just the first half last night. It appears Coach Gruden may have lost the locker room. This team is crumbling into pieces right before our very eyes. This is the most talented roster the Redskins have had in years. Despite injuries, there is no excuse this season. The time has come for Jay to go.

Giants QB Daniel Jones shows off his running skills vs Bucs in his debut.
(Photo Courtesy: Washington Post)