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VCU Thriller on Opening Night, defeats St. Peter’s 57-54 (11-9-21)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Robb Johnson-LMS Network

One of the worst feelings in the world is being humiliated. Being put in a position or situation where you find yourself defenseless and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change the outcome. Almost like a pet and its owner. The owner will control the game of fetch. The dog will only get the toy or bone if the owner says so. That’s what we witnessed in VCU’s Season Opener at home vs. the Peacocks. VCU no doubt was the owner. They controlled Saint Peters in this one although it came down to the wire.

The Rams defeated the Peacocks 57-54. Although the Rams were in control, this was truly a tale of 2 halves. In the first half, VCU DOMINATED the Peacocks. They couldn’t get anything going offensively and they failed to find their rhythm too. The reason why is because this was one of the best defensive performances I’ve seen by VCU ever. They finished this game with 12 blocks. The Peacocks couldn’t catch a break at the rim, especially in the first half. In fact, there was one instance in this game where the Rams had a turnover. They hurriedly rushed back on defense as the Peacocks initiated their fast break. However, the Rams blocked their attempt 3 straight times and returned the favor with a fastbreak alley-oop. In the second half, the Peacocks became the pet that disobeyed their owner and bit VCU right in the rare end. For a second, it looked like VCU may have let this one slip away and was going to lose this matchup. A tipped-in layup is what saved the day. Many people love playing the comparison game. So if I had to make a comparison for the Rams from an NBA standpoint, I would have to say they’re the Memphis Grizzlies.

Photo Credit: Robb Johnson-LMS Network

Their defense is something to brag about. It’s best not to attack the rim when playing VCU. And even out on the perimeter, they have such selfish defenders who are always looking to force a turnover. Their defense is amazing, to say the least. Offensively is where they have some woes. Points will come when they can. There will be a lot of points scored off turnovers and just scored from energy alone as the Rams feed off their home crowd. VCU must find an offensive identity and stuff like that takes time. It shall be a good season for the Rams as they look to build off this victory. They will face Wagner Saturday at 7 pm on Homecoming Weekend.