RJ Sports Lounge Today: Top 5 NFL Playoffs Potential Surprises (7-14-22)

By: Robb Johnson

Headline Photo Credit: Atlanta Falcons

Two top fives and one article? That’s what we bring you on this edition of the RJ Sports Lounge Today. It’s all about next year’s potential NFL playoff teams Enjoy!

Who are the top five teams in the NFL that no one expects to make playoffs, but still could? Here is that top five list here. 

5. The Detroit Lions

4. Houston Texans

3. Seattle Seahawks

2. New York Jets

1. Atlanta Falcons

Who are the top five teams in the NFL, that everyone expects to make the playoffs and could miss out? 

5. Dallas Cowboys

4. LA Chargers

3. Cincinnati Bengals 

2. Miami Dolphins 

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers