RJ Sports Lounge Today: Top 5 Marketing Moves needed for the WNBA (7-14-22)

By: Robb Johnson

Headline Photo Courtesy: WNBA

What are the top five things the WNBA must do now to better improve their marketability to the masses? 

5. Better marketing, obviously. 

4. You got to bring back the original stars who made the game what it was, in either GM or coaching roles.

3. The pay must be better; players should not be going overseas in the off season to play basketball.

2. The victim role must stop, the crap about the NBA gets more publicity and it’s not fair has to stop. You guys are not the NBA, be your own game. Be the best WNBA you can be.

1. You have to market the stars better. You need a leader of the league that will bring change. You need two stars who will bring forth a rivalry that is so intense people will watch. Get behind and make it like a Bird vs Magic situation.