Which NBA Teams Need To Make A Deal As The Trade Deadline Approaches?

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: USA Today

The NBA season always seems to go by right before our very eyes. It seem like the season just started. However, we are already approaching the halfway mark as the NBA Allstar break is quickly coming up. As the Allstar Break nears, we always know the NBA Trade deadline is nearing too which will take place on Thursday February 9th. Which teams in the NBA need to make a deal as we get near the trade deadline?

Dallas Mavericks

While the Luka Doncic experience has proven to work, we all know he can’t do this alone. In fact, we all may be feeling like it’s only a matter of time before he burns out. It is time to get this man some help, ASAP.

Chicago Bulls

The acquisitions of DeMar Derozan and Nikola Vucevic were great addition at the time to pair with Zach LaVine. However, health has played a huge role in this team’s demise, especially with Lonzo Ball. The Bulls should blow this up. The window is closed as their big three is beginning to age very quickly.

Miami Heat

People tend to forget that this team is one Jimmy Butler shot away from going back to the NBA Finals. Kyle Lowry isn’t the Kyle Lowry we all loved to watch. He has no business starting. Miami needs to get themselves a point guard, fast!

LA Clippers

The Clippers may be one of the most disappointing teams in the league. They truly need a floor general. However, the injuries between their stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George has really derailed them. They need a pick me up and trading for a point guard may rejuvenate this team to the team we all expected them to be.

Golden State Warriors

While this team still has high expectations once the playoffs start, the fact of the matter is that this team doesn’t have enough to win at the highest level anymore despite being the reigning champions. Their young pieces aren’t panning out for them. They need depth! The Warriors need to make some calls fast.