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Fredericksburg Pushes Pass Salem 6-2 (8-22-23)

By: Joey Raymond

Headline Photo Credit: Joey Raymond-LMS Network

SALEM VA–On an extremely hot day in the Virginia mountains the Fredericksburg Nationals travel down to Salem to take on the Red Sox. The Fredericksburg Nationals came into this game winners of the last 6 of 10, however in their last series only lost one of six against the Augusta Green Jackets. On the other side, we see the Salem Sox who are 3-7 in the last 10 games. They’re 8 games out of first place sitting in the bottom of the division in last place.

Photo Credit: Joey Raymond-LMS Network

​In this one, we do see some close calls early on both sides as both the Nats and the Sox manage to scavenge up some baserunners early, but ultimately get nothing to show for it. The first run we see is in the bottom of the third. With Luke Young on the mound for the Nats and Albert Feliz at the plate for the Sox, a pretty good battle ensues. Albert Feliz works a 3-0 count and gets the green light to swing and boy did he take advantage. Feliz rocketed a ball over the left field fence to unlock the scoreboard and bring the Sox ahead 1-0. The Nationals didn’t wait long to respond though, as Armando Cruz smacked a single into left to get the fourth inning started. Following that Red Sox pitcher Jose Rameriez issued a walk to Elijah Nunez to bring two runners on for the Nats. Enderso Lira then commits a throwing error trying to pick a runner off which allows the runners to advance and Cruz ultimately scores on the play. Elijah Green then works a walk and steals second which allows Nunez to score. This gives the Nats a 2-1 lead. Leandro Emiliani then singles to keep the inning going and Elijah Green scores bringing the lead another run further. The Nationals would score again in the top of the fifth off of a sacrifice fly from Nunez to score John McHenry.

Photo Credit: Joey Raymond-LMS Network

​The Red Sox do try to crawl and scratch their way back into this one in the bottom of the sixth inning. Natanael Yuten hits a monster double to get them started, and Marvin Alcantara would ground out to move the runner over to third. John Salazar would also ground out but it does bring the run in, bringing the Red Sox one run closer to bring the score to 4 to 2. While the score was still within the grasp of the Sox the Nationals would put the pedal to the metal and score again. This happened in the top of the seventh thanks to another throwing error from Enderso Lira after a walk was issued to Cristhian Vaquero. This is followed up immediately by a throwing error from center fielder Jhostynxon Garcia, which allowed the runner to go first to home in one play. In the next inning, the Nationals would pile on an insurance run. The top of the eighth inning would start with a walk to Marcus Brown, who moved to second on a passed ball from Enderso Lira. John McHenry would ground out, allowing the runner to move to third. Armando Cruz grounded out after him, but it allowed the runner to score. That would bring the Nationals lead to 6 to 2.

Photo Credit: Joey Raymond-LMS Network

​The four-run lead would end up being too much for the Salem Red Sox to overcome. 6 to 2 would become the final score as the Nationals would move to 25-23 on the year and bring the Red Sox to 21-28. The Red Sox and Nationals continue their series until Sunday. After this series, the Red Sox will continue to play at home against the first-place Carolina Mudcats. The Nationals will return home to play the Lynchburg Hillcats.