Magic Struggle, Cavaliers Win 126-99 (1-22-24)

By: Kristina Roulo

All Photo Credit: Kristina Roulo-LMS Network

It’s a somber Monday night at the Kia Center. At the home arena of the Orlando Magic Men’s Basketball Team, tonight’s game was undeniably disappointing. The Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Orlando Magic tonight, dominating the court with a final score of Cleveland 126, and Orlando 99. The fans entered the building tonight with high enthusiasm following a significant win against Miami last night, only to experience disappointment as they left the arena after an upset.

In the Post Game Press Conference, the Magic Head Coach Jamahl Mosley in response to how Cleveland played stated, “They have to give them a ton of credit. There is a reason they have won 7 games straight and that they are in their groove right now.” Magic Star Paolo Banchero stated, “They just need to play better and be more locked in.”

For the Cavaliers, Sam Merrill led the team with 26 points and Cavs star Donovan Mitchell scored 25 points in the win. For Orlando, Paolo Banchero led the Magic with 18 points, while the Wagners (Franz & Moritz) scored 17 points and 15 points, respectively. After playing consecutive home games, the Magic will enjoy a day off tomorrow, aiming to be well-rested for their upcoming away game against the Memphis Grizzlies.