“Time for A Change” D-Wade On The Move???

By:Tyrone Montgemory Jr.

Tyrone Montgomery Jr.
Sports Columnist-LMS Network

If I tell you I am a 35 year old man ,who has played 14 seasons in the NBA, won a Scoring Title and named to the All-Star Team 12 times. What else would there be left for me to prove? Yes, I am referring to Dwyane Wade, who also won 3 NBA Titles, while winning The Finals MVP in 2006. Wade spent most of his career in Miami. There he grew from a boy to a man.  Having the opportunity to play with Hall of Fame talents in the likes of: Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Bosh, Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Ray Allen and last but not least…“The King” LeBron James.

D-Wade First Year in Chicago…Photo from

Wade not only was a basketball player, but he also was an entrepreneur. If It wasn’t for him, LeBron James and Chris Bosh would have never became his teammates. He wouldn’t have gotten 3 NBA Titles. Dwyane Wade saw the big picture. This takes maturity, as he sacraficed a lot of extra bucks just to improve the team. He did,however, make that money back last offseason, as he decided to return back home to Chicago, where he signed a two-year deal with The Bulls worth about $47 Million. The Bulls, who struggled this past season, are in complete tank mode, as they traded Jimmy Butler and decided not to resign Rajon Rondo.

This leaves Dwyane Wade on an island. There are reports that his young teammates want him out of town. Because they’re tanking, Wade wants out too, and it’s probably best for all parties involved. The Bulls have said they will get rid of the 12x Allstar. But where to? There are reports that The Clippers and Lakers are interested in Wade. There are also reports that The Heat and LeBron and The Cavs are interested in a reunion as well. So, let’s consider the facts.

Wade won three Championship with Heat! Photo from Wikepidia

Wade has made his money & made a name for himself. What else is left for him to do? WIN! Win at the highest level he possibly can. Build His Legacy! Wade is a Legacy Maker. The Lakers are young and inexperienced. That is the exact situation that he’s trying to leave in Chicago. The Clippers, who just lost their best player on their team from last season, who by the way happens to be one of Dwyane Wade’s best friends, Chris Paul. Then there’s the Miami Heat. It was good while it lasted. Wade is now on his last leg and cannot carry a team on his own. He needs help, and Miami does not have much help to offer him. Miami is trending upward, but they aren’t a true title contender just yet. This leaves only 1 possible option here. To play next to a King, his Best Friend, LeBron James. LeBron did Wade a favor joining him in South Beach. Wade will now return the favor and join The King in “The Land.” The Cavs have been to the NBA Finals the last 3 seasons. LeBron has been to The Finals the last 7. The Cavaliers have had a pretty good offseason, trading for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, also signing former MVP Derrick Rose and Jeff Green.

If they do actually sign Dwyane Wade, this is a match made in heaven and they should finally be the favorites to knock off the great defending champions….The Golden State Warriors.