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WWE’s Nia Jax is a Marketing Gold!

By: Robb Johnson
When we think of the WWE and woman we think about skinny and mostly blond, not saying that WWE has not had its share of woman who are not blond and in shape. I am coming from this from a real marketing perspective. The world sees white and petite as more beautiful than most other woman. This is not me just talking, go do some research, and let me be clear this is not about race this is just from my experience and from reading and seeing how certain woman are presented on television and in film. It about money and business let remember that.
When we look at this in wrestling most of the bigger woman in wrestling history they have been very intimidating and most have been nonwhite athletes. We have to be honest and say that WWE takes advantage of this because, you do have wrestling fans like other people in walks of life, who still bias. This is not wrong for WWE to capitalize on this, because when we think about it we have never had a big woman in WWE that could inspire other woman to want to step foot in a ring and feel like they would have a chance for success due to their size.
Will Nia Jas finally become WWE Raw Women’s Champion at “No Mercy” Photo Owned by WWE

However, all of this changed when WWE introduced a woman by the name of Nia Jax. WWE tries to make Jax intimidating, but any real man is not turned off, he’s all the way turned up when the sexy Samoan beauty walks down the ramp and graces everyone with her presence. The reason this woman is marketing gold is because not only is she a wrestler, she is also a model. We live in time where thick is in and Jax is thick and she doesn’t care what you think, her curves are as fierce as her leg drops. She has the face and eyes of a queen, she gets in the ring and means business. The WWE has dropped the ball many times with Jax, and that shows how much sense creative really has.

They could use Jax to inspire other woman afraid of getting into the business because, they feel that their size would hold them back from getting an opportunity. Jax is an inspiration to woman on the body side and in the ring. She moves like a cat in the ring, her agility is some of the best work in the business. Jax could bring in an entire new audience and with the media exposure these days, she could bring in merchandise and sales from fans that the WWE could have never brought in. Jax impact on the woman’s division could be like Hulk Hogan. Hogan inspired an entire era of wrestling fans that loved the business because his impact.
Jax could have a huge impact as well, when it comes to young woman and self-esteem and knowing that no matter what has been said in the past, that a new day is here and the cycles of change are swiftly blowing in when it comes to beauty standards in the WWE. Jax can take every stereotype and crush them like she does when she hits her devastating Samoan drop.