Tales of The Week – 2017 NFL Season (Week 2)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Tyrone Montgomery Jr.
Sports Columnist-LMS Network

1, Insurance Policies in The NFL

Life is full of suprises. It offers some good ones, but definitely offers some bad ones. Mankind today is imperfect and we may get sick ,hurt or suffer an injury. So with that being said, It’s important to have insurance. Without insurance, you’re paying a very exorbitant price. The Minnesota Vikings got a good surprise as well as a bad surprise in Week 2 of this early NFL Season. Let’s begin with the good. Teddy Bridgewater, their starting QB since being drafted in 2014, should be ready to hit the field again in about 6 weeks. Bridgewater was beginning to come into a zone before he dislocated his knee last season. Due to his injury, The Vikings traded for former Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford. Bradford has shown flashes of greatness, passing for over 19,000 yards with 101 TDs and 57 INTs, but the question and doubt in everyone’s mind has been “Can He Stay Healthy?” Bradford has only played in 62 out of 97 games in his NFL Career, which isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not good either.

That brings us to the bad news. Sam Bradford is hurt once again with a knee injury. He has been playing extremely well for his team, breaking the completion percentage for passing at 71.6% last season. However, he has proven that he cannot stay healthy on the field, so its safe to say Teddy Bridgewater will get his job back and he won’t get traded Vikings Fans. Sam Bradford is Geico. He is nothing more than good insurance.

2. The Game Of Your Dreams

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate your sleep. We are always working and always on the move. Americans nowadays actually suffer from a lack of sleep. In fact, New York City has been labeled as “The City Who Never Sleeps.” Well, I have some national news to announce! New York sleeps every Thursday night while watching Thursday Night Football. Normally, football fans like to have a nice spread as they enjoy their games. Nachos, delicious sub sandwiches, hot wings, and most importantly Bud Light! We love beer!. If you’re watching football on a Thursday night, you may want to keep the beer cold in the fridge and brew up some coffee just to make it to halftime. These games are horrible! They’re a complete snoozefest. In fact, we should call these games the Snooze Bowls, because you’re dosing off midway into the first quarter. Normally, bright colors captures your attention. It stands out to you and bright colors can wake you up so they say. The NFL tries to make it interesting with the color rush jerseys and that still doesn’t help.

Roger Goodell, here’s a message for you. Let’s cancel Thursday Night Football. We all have to go to work the next morning anyway. Let’s keep football on Sundays. The players and coaches aren’t very fond of it anyway due to preparations of a short week. Do us all a favor Mr. Goodell and just cut Thursday Night Football out.! Please & Thank you.

3.Rookie QB plays Hooky?

Have you ever called out of work sick when nothing was truly wrong with you? Perhaps as a kid, you went to the nurse’s office and claimed you had a stomach ache just so you can go home to play video games, eat potato chips or maybe some leftover pizza from the other night. Let’s just face it America. You didn’t want to work on that project that was going to drive you nuts at work, so you got yourself out of it. The kids are the same. You know that test that you had to do or that pop quiz you heard about in the cafeteria during lunch, you thought of an excuse to get out of it. This is what Cleveland Browns Rookie QB DeShone Kizer did this past Sunday against a stout Baltimore Ravens Defense. They went after him, as he threw for only 182 yards with 3 INTs, posting a horrific 27.3 Passer Rating.

Kizer just didn’t want to go to work today. He was having a bad day, and he just wanted to go home and clear his mind. Not only did he throw 3 INTs, but he also had a fumble lost as well. Kizer just had a bad day at work. He said it himself: ”I don’t feel like I was ever in a rhythm today,” ”Baltimore has a good defense that made it hard for us.” It happens people, it’s life. However, this is The NFL, and you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play this sport. While I believe he does have the talent to change the fortune of this Cleveland Browns team, he hasn’t gotten the tough mentality just yet. He’s a rookie so its expected. He will be fine. But this weekend against The Ravens, Kizer simply just tried to play hooky, he won’t do this the rest of his career. So don’t worry Browns fans, Cleveland finally has their guy at QB.