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Virginia State Trojans Escape in OT Thriller!!!

By:Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Tyrone Montgomery Jr.
Sports Columnist-LMS Network

Generally, all good relationships experience turbulence. Things can be going smoothly on Monday, but by the time Humpday comes, you’re getting the silent treatment and sleeping on the couch. Then, by the end of the week, the weekend is here and you both are cuddled up on the couch under a blanket near the fireplace crying your eyes away watching The Notebook. This is all a part of being in a relationship. You may have a problem, and it may be the husband’s fault, could be the wife’s fault. However, the key is to get through them, and you get through them together. This is what The VA State Trojans did week 4 of the NCAA Football season when Winston-Salem paid them a visit. VA State had problems early on in the game, giving up a TD on the opening drive of the game as Rams QB Rod Tinsley hits WR Quincy Jackson for a 24-yard TD pass. The Trojans responded with an amazing KO Return, setting them up in the red zone as QB Cordelral Cooks finds Quincy Watts for an 18-yard pass.

However, this is where things begin to go south for The Trojans. Their kicker missed the extra point, as this has been the story of his night the entire game. Trojans Kicker Valenzuela didn’t manage to make any Field Goals as he missed 3 extra points along with 3 field goals. That’s 12 points that he was solely responsible for. That made the game awfully close as it allowed The Rams to stick around to the very end making things very interesting down the stretch. To add on to the frustration, there was a controversial ruling on the field that became a turning point of the game. Cook completed a pass that appeared to be a touchdown, however the ref ruled him just short at the 1 yard line. That call was huge, as it resulted in 1 of the 6 missed field goals by Valenzuela. The Rams then answer with a TD Score, silencing Rogers Stadium as they took an 8 point lead.


Cordelral Cook lead VSU to the 33-27 victory over Winston Salem State!!! Photo Owned By LegacyMaker Sports Network (Photo Credit Darrell Owens)

Time is suddenly of the essence, as The Trojans had four minutes to score eight points to tie the game. Like Hot Chocolate, The Trojans believed in Miracles, as Cook lead his team to the redzone. They ended up scoring with a 3 yard rushing TD by Trenton Cannon. Cook has shown he can throw the rock, but he truly showed some electrifying moments with his feet. Needing to tie the game on a 2-point conversion, Cook decided to handle matters on his own as he ran in a 5 yard run to send the game to OT. The Trojans were the first to recieve the ball, and they rose to the occasion as RB Trenton Cannon scored again on a 17 yard run. VA State missed another FG. So with a chance to win the game, The Rams get the ball and on their first play in OT, QB Rod Tinsley fumbles and loses the football, resulting in a win for The VA State Trojans. The crowd went wild, as the fans and the Trojan Players were ecstatic.

This game wasn’t as close as it appeared. The Trojans made a lot of mistakes. So like a good relationship experiences turbulence from time to time, so does a good team. From missed FG’s, crucial fumble losses, all the way to poor officiating, The Trojans managed to beat the odds. VA State actually owned Winston-Salem, as they had more first downs, total yardage, as well as a better 3rd down efficiency. Darn, they even won the penalty war. The unsung hero through it all, has been the running game. Trenton Cannon has been like a canon, as he exploded for 172 rushing yards scoring 3 TDs in the game. The moral of this story. Sometimes things may get bumpy. It’s actually expected in life. But you get through them together, as a team. This VA State Trojans team got a good victory this week in Football.