This is More than a Game: One Franchise vs One Player

By:Robb Johnson

On Sunday, February 11th 2018, the world will be sitting on their couches viewing the best rivalries that still exist in the NBA. I am talking LeBron James against the Boston Celtics, this rivalry has many roots from playoff games that sent superstars to other teams, to championship implications that have existed since the beginning of the Pierce, Garnett and Allen era spanning back to 2008.

What’s the biggest reason that Boston has an enemy in LeBron James? James could go to the Memphis Grizzles or the Sacramento Kings and Boston fans would hate that team like they were the Lakers. James has had some bad moments against Boston. Most notable taking off his jersey and going to South Beach forming a super team that shook up the NBA world. He also has had a game six where he exploded for 40 plus and had the killer look in his eye on a path to his first championship.

This rivalry also has new addition that being Kyrie Irving. Irving left Cleveland because in his heart he knew that James was probably not going to stay, he didn’t want to be left in a situation with a sketchy organization that has had a past for not doing things the right way. Irving also knew he was going to an up and coming team with young talent. The injury to Gordon Hayward was unfortunate, but with the Celtics leading the East over Toronto by at least one game and 7 over the Cavaliers. Boston is proving they are for real.

Irving is also proving that he can be a leader and play defense under coach Brad Stevens who in my opinion is a better coach than Tyrone Lue, Lue has LeBron. No one is questioning his coaching, but James is virtually a coach and general manager anywhere he goes. His basketball IQ is something not seen since Michael Jordan.

So here is the bottom line, one great franchise and one great player no matter when it takes place will always be heated. The last time James suffered defeat to Boston was in game 5 of the 2010 semis 4-2 and we all know what happened next, “The Decision”. Since then, in three series Boson has won a total of six games, with James going to seven straight finals leading the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers to titles.

This year, the Cavaliers have struggled with an older roster, but the overhaul that bought in younger talent, should make things interesting in the East. I am not going to disrespect the Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards or any other teams in the Eastern conference. But LeBron vs Boston is the Indiana vs New York, Chicago vs New York and Lakers vs Celtics of this day and time. This is what the world wants and needs to see.

So tomorrow at 3:30 pm eastern time. Sit back get some popcorn, sit down and just enjoy the great rivalry while we still have it. Nothing last forever and as James gets older and as his careers begins to set in the sun. Just enjoy it! Because we probably won’t see another rivalry like this for a long time.

One Franchise vs one player. You have go to love this game.