The Quick Opinion: Professional Wrestling

By:Robb Johnson

The quick opinion is my new writing series, where it is my goal to get you in and out. A quick topic that is my opinion and gets to the point. This opinion can be anything deal with sports and entertainment.
The first deals with wrestling and the topic is very simple today. The topic deals with the rumored WrestleMania absence of the Miz. He will probably be missing the big event because of the birth of his child, which you need no explanation when dealing with that.
However my concern, other than a healthy birth, is what exactly happens with the intercontinental title. The title has seen a comeback with the Miz, but there is no way that one of the most iconic titles in professional wrestling can miss the granddaddy of them.
The intercontinental title has seen some great matches and not so great matches when it comes to WrestleMania, but that is besides the point. The WWE needs to make sure they put this title in the best position to continue to grow its legend with this new generation of wrestling fans.
Here are my five suggestions on what to do with the title at the PPV.

1. Involve it in the WWE Universal title match
2. Have John Cena win It for the first time
3. Put the title on Bray Wyatt or Finn Balor
4. Get your best two athletes on the Raw roster and have a ladder match
5. Do nothing and continue to screw over the title and the loyal fans like me who absolutely love that title!
Thanks for reading.