2018 NBA: The Good and The Bad

By:Robb Johnson

I will rank the top five good and bad NBA teams. Now this list may cause some people to scratch their heads, but this is my list and my opinion on my expectations of that basketball team. We will start with the good list. I will be going five through one. The check symbol is for good. The X is for bad. You can comment on this page, or hit us up at Legacy Maker Sports Network on FB, IG, You tube, and Twitter.

The Good:
5. Denver- The Denver Nuggets are a forgotten team right now. My question is how? They are currently today on February 14th 31-26 in a tough Western conference. Gary Harris, Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Paul Millsap, Will Barton, Wilson Chandler. These guys can, the west better watch out for this dangerous, underrated and overlooked team in Colorado.

4. Minnesota- The Timberwolves are 35-25. They are young, well coached and currently sit in the top five of the Western Conference playoffs.

3. Los Angeles Lakers- Why the Lakers? The Lakers were never going to win a title or make the playoffs this year, however they have good young talent that is good and young. The trade with the Cavaliers also puts them in prime position to bring in two max free agents. The Lakers are on the right path.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers- Cleveland in a little over a week, traded tired old legs to different cities like they were nothing. In return they got younger, more athletic and most important the Cavaliers have made it even harder for the King to leave. The Cavaliers still have the Brooklyn pick, so we will see this summer if King James stays or goes. The possibility of him staying looks a hell of a lot better than it did a few weeks ago.

1. This number one is a split. First up the Toronto Raptors first in the East and looking like they will be a force come playoff time. Dwayne Casey should be coach of the year, because he sure doesn’t get the respect he deserves, along with Kyle Lowery and DeMar DeRozan. My second half of this goes to the Houston Rockets. James Harden is the MVP and Chris Paul has earned my respect.

The Bad

5. Sacramento- No matter what happens they continue to suck every single year. This is proud franchise that was once close to getting to the NBA Finals and winning a title. Those days are long gone!

4. Philadelphia 76ers- I still trust the process. But the Markelle Fultz pick at number one was just stupid. Also with all these picks and all the talent that they have currently on this roster. I feel that their record of 29-25 and only sitting in the 7th spot is not good enough. When you tank for 20 damn years then you should get better results when your not trying to tank the season away.

3. Atlanta Hawks- You deserve this. Period

2. Oklahoma City Thunder- My advice is to not get blown out or get bad in any playoff series. People like to compare Westbrook to Jordan? In what universe are you people living in, dunking and playing had doesn’t make you MJ. Westbrook is Kobe and that is not always a good think. This team is proving that just because superstars play together doesn’t mean that it’s always a good idea. This team is average, they are good in spurts and that is it. Expect Paul George to have another zip code come next season. They are fifth in the west, which means the Clippers who have lost two great stars are only 2.5 games back! Think about that for a hot second and you will know what I am saying.

1. Phoenix Suns- Fire the coach, fire the players, get out of the state of Arizona and restart this franchise in Seattle. The Suns are a dumpster fire and are embarrassing to non blind people. Blind people are thrilled to not see that crap. I’m not talking about the blind, I have lost my sight before for a long time so I know. But this Suns teams makes me close my eyes and want to think about dry paint on the wall.

This was my good/bad list hope you all enjoyed.