Where Should LeBron James Go Next Season?

By:Robb Johnson

We all hear the talk about LeBron James and his impending free agency. I have some interesting destinations were I could see the king going. This is just my opinion and I will give a short reason why it should happen. I’m not an expert when it comes to the cap, but I have enough knowledge where I can see how it projects for LeBron and his next team.

5. Sacramento Kings- Sacramento has expiring contracts coming up and have the ability to sign free agents. Simply, put this is an option for me only because going to LA is a losing situation. When you talk about the Lakers, they already have statues and sixteen banners. Why not go to the place where you played your first professional game? Sacramento is also the capital of California and it would bring an even bigger boost to the California sports scene. The Kings have some good young talent with some expiring contracts up soon, so who knows we could get the “King” in a Kings jersey.

4.  Atlanta Hawks- Atlanta adding LeBron James would bring out all the stars and would increase the cities popularity even more. Atlanta would welcome LeBron with welcome arms, they are projected to be #6 in cap space in 2019-2020 season according to

3. Philadelphia 76ers- The Sixers lost in five to Boston, they need another year to grow get another valuable draft pick before LeBron James decides to play with them. They have great young talent, however they need to make sure that the bench is still deep and that they are ready to win. The 76ers are looking good cap wise for the 2019-2020 season sitting in the top four. They should be able to sign LeBron and still have some money to do something to get the King in the city of brotherly love.

2. New Orleans Pelicans- If Anthony Davis stays with the potential of Demarcus Cousins leaving soon, you could see a situation where James could want to go down to New Orleans and play with one of the best big men the NBA has seen in a long time. They would have to work some things out with the cap, but it would be a great addition.

1. Retire- This may seem crazy, but I was driving one day and was thinking what if LeBron retired for one year to show all his doubters what it would do to the NBA. Then I heard Colin Cowherd say it as well on his national syndicated radio show on Fox Sports. Then as I projected things it looks to me that no one will be stopping the Warriors next year anyway. So if you are James, your thirty-three years old. Why not take a year away get your body right as well as your mind. The Cleveland Cavaliers are down 3-0 against the Warriors in this current series, and it would take a miracle to come back. The 2019 free agency class is loaded and guess who has the #1 projected cap? If you guessed the LA Lakers then you are correct, by 2019 the Lakers will have the ability to sign quality free agents with a quality bench as well. The Lakers will not be picking until the 25th pick in the 2018 draft, however they should try to start laying the seeds by picking quality players like their rivals on the East coast.

The Lakers will have the potential to set up their own super team, now all this will depend on one thing. That one thing is Kevin Durant, if Durant resigns will the Warriors, then LeBron should retire and wait the one year. Also there is a possibility that LeBron says the hell with what everybody says and joins the Warriors. Now this may seem unfair, but the Boston Celtics could be gearing up for some major trades to bring in some huge pieces that could make the Warriors nervous. I totally expect a Golden State vs Boston Finals in the 2018-2019 season, however a lot of this depends on who does what.

LeBron James is running out of time to capture more titles, so at the end of the day he must do what’s best for him. Not you the fans who will still tune in to see him fail, even more if he joins a super team. If you say you wouldn’t tune in if he joined the warriors or your viewing of the NBA went down because he left for one year. Then maybe you need to learn how to lie better because the King rules and you can’t turn him off.