The Quick Opinion: Distractions-T.O.

By:Robb Johnson

Terrell Owens not wanting to go to Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame ceremony is today’s topic. The Hall of Fame is a great honor and to be able to get accepted into the club is awesome. However, Owens has been treated worse by the media than guys like Ritchie Incognito who is a jerk, has done bad stuff. He nearly sent a man crazy in Jonathan Martin after a bullying scandal. Owens is brash and cocky and doesn’t care what is said about him. What’s the problem?

The man never got in trouble off the field and just worked hard, playing in the Super Bowl with an ankle that wasn’t even healthy. He played his heart out against a Patriots dynasty gaining over 100 yards in receiving yards.

T.O. was one of the most entertaining players in NFL History! (Photo From NY Daily News)

He accumulated over 1,078 career receptions, 15,934 receiving yards with 153 touchdowns through the air. Do I think it would be an honor to go to Canton, yes, and do the people who put the event on work hard that is a definite yes, however, the NFL and America has a problem right now. That problem is a backbone to stand up and be a man!

There are certain guys you can shit on and they will take it and will go into a corner. This man will not lay down and take it. The voting process is bull, the fact that he is not on the first ballot is a joke. People are in their feelings about this, but don’t let it distract from the fact that the NFL and NFLPA can’t agree on a damn thing and that DeMaurice Smith can’t stand up to Roger Goodell, just like the owners can’t stand up to the President because they are scared of their bottom line falling.

If the NFL had more of Owens’ backbone and marketing sense maybe the ratings would go up people were damn sure watching when he was on the field. My message to the NFL and its controlled media. Stop trashing guys who have a backbone and get one yourself.