Evolution – First All female PPV for WWE

By:Drew Willingham

Headline Photo Credit:WWE and SEScoops.com

Monday Night RAW, the flagship program for the WWE that has provided countless unforgettable moments for the past 25 years. 

The July 23rd episode was historic for all women of the past, present, and future of this business. 

The show kicked off with the entire locker room of WWE Superstars standing on stage surrounding the Titantron. While CEO “Vinnie Mac” Vince McMahon stood center of the ring to welcome us to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

As a fan, I’m sitting back in the recliner thinking this is BIG NEWS. Immediately pause the TV and think it can’t be just a legend returning to the squared circle. Everyone looked energized and happy, so nobody died and the XFL is still in business. Figured it must be something new and possibly exciting. Press play, and carry on.

Vince invites his daughter Raw GM Stephanie McMahon and COO Triple H to the ring for a special announcement. The music hits and  the announcers immediately start discussing how historic this reveal will be. The power couple, previously known as “The Authority” make their way to the ring.

Stephanie started by saying, “It’s a rare thing, to be able to make history. To create moments and memories that some of us will remember for the rest of our lives.” 

Triple H then acknowledged the WWE superstars of the past, present, and future. Speaking about those with the desire to entertain the world and paying homage to everyone for the blood, sweat, and tears given to build historic moments like this. He emphasized the importance of teamwork along with the indescribable bond of trust between the superstars and how strong it is today. 

Then the moment of truth arrives, Triple H asks the female superstars to step forward on the stage.

“Ladies, the men that stand behind you, I want you to know how much they truly support you. The WWE Universe, you already know how much they support you, they show you every night.” says Triple H

He continues to build up to the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Stephanie jumps in and continues to build up to the historical announcement.

Then that moment happens when Stephanie states, “Because of all of you we are able to stand here and make another first ever announcement. On October 28th, over 50 women, then, now, and forever will participate in an event called Evolution. And that event, I’m privileged to announce will be the first ever ALL WOMEN’S PAY PER VIEW!”

The crowd in Cincinnati gives a standing ovation to the women on stage. Everyone is celebrating this historic announcement, it was another pretty cool moment on Monday Night Raw. Not just for the show, but for all women around the world.

Now that the show’s been announced, who’s on the card for the 50 Female Superstars from the past and present?

We know that newly crowned Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte will be there. 

We can only speculate that all championships will be on the line. That means the RAW, SMACKDOWN, and NXT Women’s titles should be focal points of the PPV. It’s been heavily rumored that WWE has plans in the works to create a NXT UK Women’s Championship and the possibility of a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

With 50 competitors for the pay per view, I can see the potential for a Women’s tag division. The roster is as deep now as it ever was and could provide enough depth for a strong run with the division. The question is where? RAW, SMACKDOWN, or Both? Time will only tell.

It has been confirmed that Alexa Bliss will face former 7 time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. Stratus appeared in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble earlier this year and apparently still has what it takes between the ropes. This should be a great match.

Former superstars such as Lita, Beth Phoenix, and Michelle McCool are confirmed but to what capacity is yet to be determined.

Besides that, WWE has kept the lid sealed in hopes to draw more interest in the weeks ahead. With the end of summer upon us and less than two months from the show…we can only hope for a epic historical event for that upcoming Sunday, October 28th.

Stay tuned.