Tales of The Week – 2018 NFL Season Week 10 Edition

By:Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

LA Chargers 6 Game Winning Streak

It’s hard to believe The LA Chargers are 7-2. They are currently on a 6-game winning streak and that doesn’t seem like it will end next week as they host the Denver Broncos. The only 2 losses are expected losses from Kansas City and The Rams. At 7-2, many people mention this team when trying to predict whose going to the Super Bowl this season. The Chargers are experiencing what many people would call good luck. They have been a fortunate team this season. In the National Football League, you have to make the most of your opportunities, and you have to take full advantage of your current situation. The opportunity at hand for this club is health. Every season, they lose crucial players due to injury. Outside of Joey Bosa, this team has been pretty healthy for the most part. There were never any questions about talent on this team. The question that rose was availability and staying healthy. An even added bonus is that they were able to bring back TE Antonio Gates. He’s been contemplating retirement for years now. His veteran ship hasn’t gone unnoticed and he even had a TD earlier this season too. Now, this team is taking advantage of their opportunities by the weakness of their division. Denver is going through growing pains as they still don’t have an answer at QB. Elsewhere, in Oakland, The Raiders are a mess and are going through a complete meltdown.

There only lies The Kansas City Chiefs as competitors for the Chargers within the division. Now the strength of schedule for the Chargers has been a blessing in disguise for them. Outside of the Titans, none of the teams the Chargers have beaten have a winning record. So, the verdict on The Chargers is out. They’re not quite a Super Bowl Caliber team just yet. They are on their way. And if they can manage to stay healthy, they actually look promising.  The only thing is they will need a new QB soon, as Phillip Rivers will watch the sunset fairly soon. This is only a preview of what’s to come. Keep your eyes open, The Chargers are coming. 

Saints, Dez Bryant – What Happens Now?

Dez Bryant at Saints Practice (Photo From ClutchPoints)

When you’re not in shape, and you’ve been sitting on the couch at home all year, the worst is yet to come when you decide to get back in the gym. The body gets relaxed, and when you work out hard for the first time in a while, injuries will come. It happened to me. I took a year off away from basketball after playing at least twice a week. Came back to basketball, and played fairly well. But before the night was over, I heard a pop in my knee. The pain was unreal as I could hardly walk. Me being cheap, I decided not to see the Physician. Instead, I decided to take a month off to let it naturally heal on its own. Once I returned then, I heard another pop only to reaggravate the injury. I was devastated. Being in pain is one of the worst feelings one can ever experience, especially when you can barely walk. It affects nearly every aspect of your life, and even your career when you have a physically demanding job. Dez Bryant has a physically demanding job. He was released by The Dallas Cowboys in the summer of 2018. We all thought he was going to sign with the Cleveland Browns. Things didn’t work out there. So he’s been out of work all season and finally finds a job and signed with the Saints in Week 10. As soon as he gets to practice, he tears his Achilles. Many people aren’t talking about it, but this injury could be career ending. An unfortunate situation to say the least to a great player, but most importantly, a good yet misunderstood man. So, what’s next for the Saints? Well, winners of 8 straight games, The Saints are good to go. Dez Bryant was just an added boost to push the offense over the top. In efforts to replace Dez Bryant, The Saints have signed Brandon Marshall. 

The Saints will be fine as we saw in Cincinnati as they beat the Bengals 51-14. The Saints seem to be the most complete team in the NFC and we all can expect them to be in the Super Bowl.