By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-LMS Network

Battle of The NFC East!

Every season, the NFC East always comes down to the end. It’s been said that the NFC East is arguably the best division in football. There’s the New York Giants who rule New York in the NFL. Then there’s the Washington Redskins, the nation’s capital. Then there’s the Dallas Cowboys, who are known as America’s team. And we can’t forget the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Philadelphia Eagles. The New York Giants season has been over. Drafting RB Saquon Barkley wasn’t neccesarily a bad move, however, it wasn’t a good move either. We live in an era where QB’s rule the league. This division has some of the best QB’s in the league. The Eagle’s Super Bowl MVP was their backup and The Redskin’s backup QB Colt McCoy is a serivable and coveted QB in the league. The Redskins were in control of this division early on this season. The addition of former MVP Adrian Peterson has been quite the surprise for Washington. However, with the loss of QB Alex Smith for the year to go along with Colt McCoy, that leaves the Redskins season in turmoil. The Dallas Cowboys have capitalized on the mishaps of this division but it hasn’t always been peaches and cream for the America’s team. They had a slow start this season. With the losses of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, they didn’t have any go to guys in the passing game and it definitely showed as Dak struggled early on coming out the gate. Since they traded for former Oakland Raiders WR Amari Cooper, they been on fire and have taken control of the NFC East. But the Defending World Champions have something to say about that. A familiar situation, they find themselves without Carson Wentz yet again. A back stress fracture is the at hand for the young star QB this season. Now, they have turned back to Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. With the win vs. The LA Rams, this now puts the Eagles tied with the Redskins for 2nd place.

With 2 games left, only a game out of first place (Dallas Cowboys), the Redskins and Eagles have a chance to recapture this divisional crown. It would be best for the Cowboys to win out. If not, the Redskins and Eagles will face each other in Washington for what may be the Division Title Game. We’ll be on the edge of our seats as we await the final outcome for The Battle of the NFC East.

The Flacco Era Is Officially Over!

What’s next for Joe Flacco?
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We all knew this was coming. The question is did we see this happening so soon? The Ravens are back!!! But they’re not lead by Joe Flacco anymore. The man under center goes by the name of Lamar Jackson. A product of Louisville, Heisman Trophy Winner Lamar Jackson has now ascended from being a backup to taking the lead and rising amongst the ranks in Baltimore. Joe Flacco got off to a hot start to begin the season, however, injuries has caused him to miss some time and ultimately given room for opportunity for Lamar Jackson. They say availability is the best ability, and Jackson has showed up. Now, I’m not saying Jackson is the next Pat Mahomes. But what I can say is The Ravens are done with Flacco and for now, this is Lamar Jackson’s team. Jackson still has to prove himself. The Ravens drafted him for a reason and here’s his shot. With the Ravens on the verge of making the playoffs, Lamar Jackson is set to get some playoff experience. What better way to gain playoff experience with a former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco. And let’s not forget what the 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner did in his rookie season with the Washington Redskins. He had a miraculous playoff run only to see it end with a knee injury. Lamar Jackson is an incredible athlete. He’s RG3 all over again. He’s already faster than some running backs in the league. He has a cannon arm, and his footwork is fairly descent too.

He’s close to being the QB this team needs. He just needs to work on the accuracy a bit and make better reads down the field. So the question is… Where will Joe Flacco end up?
A. New York Giants
B. Jacksonville Jaguars
C. Denver Broncos
D. Other

You decide!