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The Reunion Game: VCU defeats #23 LSU 84-82, moves to 3-0 (11-13-19)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Darrell Owens- LMS Network

Excitement is filled within everyone’s life when they get to see old faces again. Reunions are always good to have, especially family reunions. Most families have them every year. We all have busy lives. From going to work every morning where you’re stuck in traffic everyday to going to your daughter’s recital on a Friday night, life gets hectic in the blink of an eye. Well, there was a bit of a reunion at the Siegel Center in Richmond, VA. Traffic was heavier than usual for this reunion.

Former VCU Head Coach & LSU Coach Will Wade
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens- LMS Network)

The VCU Rams hosted the LSU Tigers. The Tigers Head Coach Will Wade used to coach this Rams team from 2015-17 before taking the LSU job. Guys like De’Riante Jenkins, Malik Crowfield, and Isaac Vann started their college careers under Tigers Head Coach Will Wade. The Tigers were the bigger and stronger team in this game. They were the big cousin at the family reunion that likes to pick and bully the little cousin. Particularly, Skylar Mays, who withdrew his name from the NBA Draft to return for his senior year. VCU had their way with LSU in the first half, making a ton of three pointers. Issac Vann and De’Riante Jenkins were in the zone and couldn’t be contained. On the flip side, LSU’s Skylar Mays was also in the zone. He was the big cousin at this family reunion. While he’s not the quickest player in the game, he is probably one of the strongest and toughest guys; VCU had no answer for him. He bullied his way to the basket all game as he lead this game in scoring with 23 points. However, VCU barely survived as they managed to squeeze out a victory 84-82.

VCU Head Coach Mike Rhoades & Senior guard Marcus Evans Discuss strategy versus LSU
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens- LMS Network)

LSU may have been the big cousin. But sometimes when the little cousin gets tired of being bullied, they tend to fight harder and use more energy. That’s what ultimately helped VCU in this game. The crowd of coarse was amazing as they reached yet another sellout game. But kuddos goes to Marcus Santos-Silva. He has emerged himself as not only the best player on this team, but the most important player on this team as well. The money balls were falling in the first half for the Rams. Things changed in the second where LSU made their run. Post player has been a lost cause in the game of basketball over the years. However, with the case of Santos-Silva and the VCU Rams, we see the clear need for it in today’s game.

VCU Big man #14 Marcus Santis-Silva led the way in scoring with 17 points and 11 rebounds vs LSU
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens- LMS Network)

The Rams are now 3-0 after defeating the #23 ranked LSU Tigers. Will Wade definitely had a long night last night as they fell to 1-1. The Rams will host the Jacksonville State Gamecocks Sunday November 17th at 12 Noon

VCU swingman #0 De’Riante Jenkins drives to the basket vs LSU
(Photo Credit: Darrell Owens- LMS Network)