NFL Tales of the Week – Week 13 Edition

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Detroit Lions

The Lions Roar

Photo Credit: Detroit Lions

Mixed feelings and emotions filled the entire city of Detroit over the weekend. The Lions finally won a game! They’ve been competing all season long and it was only a matter of time. They were able to defeat the Minnesota Vikings on a late game score to seal the deal in Detroit. Rapper GMAC CASH even made a song after their first victory of the season. This was a feel good moment for everyone even if you weren’t a Lions fan. The Minnesota Vikings have absolutely nothing to be down of even after losing to a winless team this late in the season because the Lions actually have some talented players on their roster. Jared Goff is a QB who played under the bright lights in Super Bowl 53. And the Lions ALMOST won a game a couple weeks ago after ending the game in a tie vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lion fans really want a top draft pick and understandably so. They definitely should get it. But the Lions can have a bright future and it’s totally up to the people upstairs. The individuals running the show behind closed doors are the ones that will determine the fate of this franchise. Jared Goff still has a bit of juice left in the bottle and can win you games. The running backs on this roster are young and talented. Sure, they could use a few more weapons to stretch the field. But this team is still talented enough to win in the NFL. Lions HC Dan Campbell is the one we all should be looking at. He has soooo much fight and heart leading this team. He is definitely a guy I would want controlling my locker room full of players on my team. But the owners and front office managing this team has to do better. They must do better if we want to see the Lions roar in the NFL. 

Minshew Mania

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles offense has been hit or miss this season. You can say their offense is arguably the most inconsistent offense in the entire league. It was a changing of the guard for the Eagles. Gone are the Carson Wentz days. However, the future has been handed to Jalen Hurts at least for the time being. Many people are questioning rather Hurts is the franchise guy that this franchise needs to win. The running game has been a bit rocky with Hurts. Jalen is a QB that likes to use his legs. That takes away from the effectiveness of a Miles Sanders. Backup QB Gardner Minshew started in place of the injured Jalen Hurts this past weekend vs. the New York Jets and he played a darn near perfect game leading the Eagles to a 33-18 victory. Minshew went 20/25 with 242 Passing Yards to go along with 2 TD’s. Sanders had his first 100+ rushing yards game of the season as well. Immediately following this win, the Eagles released a statement stating QB Jalen Hurts will remain the QB1 once he is fully healthy as he is recovering from a sore ankle. Minshew Mania is on in the city of Brotherly Love and many people have to be wondering is Jalen Hurts really “The Guy” in Philadelphia… Minshew was able to do more with the same team than Hurts has been able to do. Keep an eye on Philadelphia as they have MULTIPLE 1st round picks in this upcoming Draft.