ODU Monarchs Lose In A Sloppy Fashion, Liberty wins 38-24 (10-1-22)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr

Headline Photo Credit: ODU Football/Keith Lucas-sideline media

Have you ever woken up for work one day, and things just felt wrong? You may have felt like you were doing everything wrong and that everything was off that day. Perhaps you may have overslept that morning. To make matters worse, you’re now stuck in traffic on the highway and now you’re late to work. Upon your arrival, you realized you forgot your key fob to get into your side of the building. You’ve been working hard the last few weeks, trying to save money on lunch and eat a little bit healthier, so you’ve decided to pack your lunch. You finally get to your desk and realized you forgot your lunch that morning as you were rushing to get into the office. The scenarios I just described have all happened to me before on the same day! It is the absolute worst! The day I experienced all of that, the only thing on my mind was 5 o’clock. I couldn’t wait to get off and start the day over fresh and new. Some days, we all will have rough ones.

The ODU Monarchs fell to Liberty 38-24. QB Hayden Wolff played well. He threw for nearly 300 yards and picked up 3 total TDs for the game including one on the ground. Speaking of, the Monarchs ran the ball well in this game despite being outrushed by nearly 100 rushing yards. RB Blake Watson was solid as he had 80 rushing yards averaging a little over 5 yards per carrying in this game. ODU was very much in control in this game as they even won the time of possession in this game. What went wrong was the defense. The defense ended up falling apart simply because of ODU’s sloppy play in this matchup. The Monarchs simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed here as they committed 14 penalties and gave up 120 yards! When you’re making that many mistakes in a game, it messes up your head mentally. Somedays in life, we simply have bad days. Ultimately, the Monarchs got in their way in this game and that is what ultimately cost them the game. The Monarchs will look to rebound from this loss as they go on the road and travel to SC to play the undefeated Eagles.