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ODU Loses Finale vs. South Alabama (11-26-22)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr

Headline Photo Credit: Blake Watson-ODU Football

Have you ever been in a situation where you know what the outcome will be and you’re just ready for it to happen already? Perhaps you know that you’re about to get fired and you’re just waiting to get called into the office of the big boss. Maybe you know that the company isn’t going to that city that you really wanted to visit for the company convention. Or maybe you know your team isn’t going to the playoffs and that you guys were eliminated weeks ago.

To sum it all up, this was a disaster season for the Monarchs. Truth be told, things couldn’t have gotten any worst from what the expectations were. ODU had a really good season last year. This year was the complete opposite. It was a complete mess and it will be a long offseason for the football program.

ODU has ended their season last in the division with a 3-9 record as they fell to South Alabama 27-20. This made six straight losses to end their season. Hayden Wolff looked like his old self again. Despite the loss, ODU played one of their best games of the season as they didn’t commit a single turnover in this game. What hurt the Monarchs was the running game. Once again, they failed to outrun their opponents.

Losing the running game battle resulted in them losing the time of possession battle. The Monarchs simply didn’t have enough time to take control of this game and win. The offseason will be a rather interesting one. One thing for sure is that ODU see’s their weaknesses and they will address them in due time.