From: Jaguars PR

(On working with Wide Receivers Coach Chad Hall) “He got a lot of energy, I had a bunch of different wide receiver coaches and he’s very different, he was a player, he’s a lot younger than the ones I had. He just brings a lot of energy, and he believes in the work. We’ve been putting in the work in individual drills, have been transitioning to team and one-on-ones and everything we’ve been doing. We’ve been getting better.”

(On having a toe injury due to cleats) “I was training this whole offseason in these types of cleats right here, but I like the lows. So when I came back from training, I can here and put on my lows and they just got long spikes in them. The way I cut and stuff, it really wasn’t my toe. It was just the bottom of my foot being sore because I kept stepping on the side of that shoe. I was sore, I was getting really sore because I didn’t want to take the cleats off. I changed cleats, and I’m better. I’m good, it wasn’t nothing.”

(On if he was worried about being rusty after returning to play) “Everybody wants me to be rusty, right? Why? Why do you want me to be rusty? I can play football; I can play football. No, I’m never going to think I’m going to be rusty, no. If I drop a pass, that doesn’t mean I’m rusty. I just dropped it. I was so wet yesterday and couldn’t keep it on my body. A player like me, I’m never going to think it’s rust. I’m sorry, I’m not going to say that. It’s training camp, day eight? I’m pretty sore today. I’m not rusty, and yesterday, I look at that and I did so much good yesterday. I did so much good. There was some bad, you know there’s going to be some good and bad. I look at it as a win, I’m out here in this training camp, I got to get through this. I know how hard training camp is and this is probably one of the hardest training camps I’ve ever been in. I know I got to continue to work, to get better, and be dominant come game one.”

(On his self-expectations are) “Help this team win, move the ball. I know the type of player I am; I know what I can do. I told y’all when I first got here what type of player I am. I’m here to help the team win. Obviously, we have a really good team and I think we could be a great team. I’m here to help the team win and use my skills to help them.”

(On reasoning for saying last week, ‘I am him’ in an interview) “No, I’m a good receiver. I’m one of the better receivers in the league, that’s what I’ve been saying since I was a rookie. I noticed that right when I got into the league, trying to be humble but everyone has doubted me. I’m trying to fight back respectfully at the same time. I’m not into the media, I’m not into getting all into it, I’m just trying to show I got respect for myself, and I work hard. I’m not going to say I’m going to come back rusty or anything. I’m trying to play well for the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

(On Jaguars fans embracing him throughout camp) “I appreciate it. I really appreciate that, thank you so much. Thank you.”

(On being matched up with CB Tyson Campbell throughout practices) “Yeah, I think he really is. He makes it very hard, and I’m going to come swinging every day and I know he’s going to come swinging. I really don’t want to go against too many other people than him in practice because I’m trying to get the real work and the grind, the hard reps, so that’s what I want.”

(On excitement of first preseason game) “I’m ready for whatever. Whatever.”
(On dealing with the pressure) “There’s no pressure. I’ve been doing this, I’m going to continue to say this, as soon as I was a high school player, everyone at my high school loved me too. They were screaming my name the same way. As soon as I went to Alabama, it was people after the game waiting on me outside. There’s no pressure. Football is what I do. I go the other way, I don’t have social media, I don’t know if you guys know, I don’t have that much social media. I don’t watch too much ESPN and all that. I’m just here to help this team win games.”

(On if it helps focus on football being cut off from social media) “It is what it is, honestly. I’m just here to help win games.”
(On if he’s surprised to see players still getting in trouble from gambling) “Yeah, some people think it’s a game. I can’t really do much but say don’t do it. It’s very serious, you could lose your career over it and all I can continue to say is that.”
(On impressions of working with QB Trevor Lawrence) “Trevor is a great player, man. I’m so excited to be on this team with him. I think we could do so much. I’m trying to honestly keep it low because you guys are giving all of the weight I feel. I’m trying to keep it lowkey so I can go out there and do what I do and not worry about me so much.”

(On playing under Head Coach Doug Pederson throughout camp) “It’s like when I played for Alabama. It’s good, it’s going to transition into the games, it’s going to help us. Like I said, this is probably one of the hardest camps I’ve ever been in. I think it’s going to transition into the games for sure. I’ve had seasons where I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m getting weak.’ But no, I feel strong, I still feel strong, and I was out for a while, but my body is responding pretty well to everyday coming back out here. I love it.”