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WWE Money in the Bank Recap (7-6-24)

By: Xavier Jones

Headline Photo Credit: WWE

On July 6, 2024, from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WWE brings to you their Money in the Bank Premium Live Event. Tonight, five men and women have the opportunity to change the trajectory of their careers by capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase. By doing so, each superstar will have a year to cash in their guaranteed championship contract on any champion of their choosing whenever they want to. The matches on the card tonight for MITB are of the following:

Men’s MITB Ladder Match:

Jey Uso v Drew McIntyre v LA Knight v Andrade v Chad Gable v Carmelo Hayes

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Sami Zayn (c) v Bron Breakker

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Damien Priest (c) v Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Women’s MITB Ladder Match:

Naomi vs. Zoey Stark vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Chelsea Green vs. Iyo Sky

Six Man Tag Team Match:

The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa, Jacob Fatu, and Tama Tonga) vs. Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens

Men’s MITB Ladder Match

Photo Credit: WWE

At the beginning of the match, all the competitors engaged in an all-out brawl that cleared the entire ring. Chad Gable and Carmelo Hayes retrieve a pair of ladders to bring into the ring. Drew McIntyre manages to climb up the ladder but is quickly stopped by Gable and placed in a submission hold. Andrade then hits Gable with a leg drop from the top rope. Andrade continues the offense by hitting Hayes with an Inverted Spanish Fly onto a ladder. Jey Uso takes down McIntyre and Gable. Chad Gable makes it to his feet and up the ladder but is stopped by LA Knight. Knight and Carmelo Hayes exchange blows until Hayes hits him with his signature move, the First 48. The pace of the match picks up with LA Knight and Jey Uso hitting finishers on Drew McIntyre. Carmelo Hayes emerges and catches Jey with his Nothing But Air finisher. Andrade would then hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on Hayes from one ladder onto another ladder. With bodies lying everywhere, Gable manages to make his way up to the top of the ladder. Jey Uso runs in and moves the ladder from under Chad Gable, leaving him swinging from the briefcase in mid-air. Gable falls to the mat, only for Uso to hit him with a Spear. Jey climbs the ladder but is stopped by Drew McIntyre. Drew hits Jey with the Claymore, knocking Jey Uso out of the ring. McIntyre makes his way up to the top of the ladder and retrieves the MITB briefcase.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Photo Credit: WWE

Bron Breakker starts off the match using his power and quickness to his advantage. Sami Zayn then slaps Breakker in the face only to further infuriate him. Sami starts to mount some offense but is quickly shut down by Breakker. Bron goes on the offensive and continues to punish Zayn. Both competitors go back and forth with Bron taking control. Breakker goes for the Spear, but Sami Zayn counters it into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Bron Breakker manages to hit a Frankensteiner on Sami for a near fall of his own. Breakker sets Zayn up for another Spear but misses, however, he hits Sami with a flying clothesline onto the announce table. By doing so, it seemed like Bron may have tweaked his knee and Sami Zayn took full advantage. Each competitor counters the other’s finishing maneuver, only for Sami Zayn to connect with a Helluva Kick for the three count. And still Intercontinental champion, Sami Zayn!

The host of the Money in the Bank PLE, Trish Stratus comes out to greet her hometown crowd, and to bring out John Cena. Cena announces that he is retiring at Wrestlemania 41 live from Las Vegas, Nevada. 

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Photo Credit: WWE

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match starts with some back-and-forth action with Damien Priest taking control early on. However, Seth “Freakin” Rollins manages to regain control of the match. Rollins hits a Swanton and then a Moonsault for a two-count. Seth Rollins then hits a Frog Splash for another near fall. Rollins is showing off some new offensive maneuvers in his arsenal. Seth catches Priest with a Buckle Bomb only to be countered by Damien Priest with a Powerbomb of his own for a near fall. Priest and Rollins exchange kicks in the center of the ring. Seth can connect with the Stomp, but only for a near fall. Damien Priest then hits Rollins with a Razor’s Edge for a near fall, as well. After a Suplex and Falcon Arrow combination from the top rope by Rollins, Drew McIntyre enters the ring to cash in his MITB championship contract. Officially making this match now a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. McIntyre hits Rollins with a Future Shock DDT. Next, CM Punk interjects himself into the fray and takes out Drew with a chair. Punk then hits McIntyre with the title which leads to Priest hitting Drew with the South of Heaven for the three count. And still World Heavyweight Champion and still a part of the Judgement Day, Damien Priest! Also, this means that Seth “Freakin” Rollins cannot challenge for the championship as long as Priest is the champion.

Women’s MITB Ladder Match

Photo Credit: WWE

At the start of the match, every competitor exited the ring except for Chelsea Green. After using a ladder that was put into the ring, Green attempted to climb the ladder but then she quickly changed her mind because of a fear of heights. Iyo Sky takes out Chelsea Green and Tiffany Stratton. Lyra Valkyria then takes down Iyo Sky only for Zoey Stark to get the upper hand on Valkyria. Naomi makes her presence felt by taking down Zoey Stark. Stratton comes back in the ring and delivers an Alabama Slam to Naomi onto a ladder. Stratton then connects with a Swanton from the top rope to the other competitors standing outside. After several attempts from each superstar to grab the MITB briefcase, a pair of tables would be introduced into the match. Valkyria makes it to the briefcase only to be cut down by Zoey Stark. Stark is soon taken out by Naomi. Then, Chelsea Green hits Naomi with the Unpretti-Her finisher onto the ladder. Iyo Sky then eliminates herself and Stark only for Chelsea Green to capitalize and get her hands on the briefcase. Before she can remove the briefcase, Tiffany Stratton tips Green’s ladder over and sends her crashing through a pair of tables. Stratton captures the briefcase and wins the Women’s MITB ladder match.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Photo Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa were set to start the match, but Solo tags in Tama Tonga instead. Rhodes seizes control after hitting a running bulldog on Tonga. Rhodes then tags in Kevin Owens and KO goes on the attack. After a quick beatdown, Randy Orton joins the action. Orton continues the assault on Tama Tonga. Tonga uses a thumb to the eye on Orton to make a much-needed tag for Jacob Fatu. The Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu, surprises Orton by not being phased by any of Randy’s moves. Fatu takes it to Randy Orton before tagging in Solo Sikoa. The Bloodline gains the upper hand by separating Orton from the other side of the ring. Randy counters Tonga with a backbody drop and then makes the tag to Kevin Owens. Fatu runs interference drags Tama Tonga to their corner and tags himself into the match. The Samoan Werewolf tags in Solo and the all-out assault on KO continues. Owens makes it back to his feet but is shortly cut down by Jacob Fatu. At this point, it feels like Kevin Owens is being viciously mauled by a pack of wolves. Sikoa and Owens exchange blows until Sikoa is able to regain control of the match. Cody manages to receive the hot tag and then proceeds to take out the Bloodline himself. Chaos ensues outside of the ring. When Cody gets back in the ring, Solo hits him with a Spear for a near fall. Solo would inadvertently knock out the referee. After a Frog Splash from KO and an RKO from Orton, Solo is down and out. As a result, more hell breaks loose on the outside, with everyone laid out except for Kevin Owens. With the Bloodline in full control, Rhodes, Sikoa, and Fatu find themselves in the ring. Cody is then held by Fatu, so Solo can connect with the Samoan Spike for the three count. The Bloodline wins! A major statement made by the new Bloodline.

The next WWE Premium Live Event is Summer Slam and it takes place on August 3rd in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.