Smoke Blowing in San Francisco (4-14-21)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Courtesy: 49ers Webzone

Tyrone Montgomery Jr-LegacyMaker Sports Network Columnist & Creator of “2Up 2Down Report” & “Tales of The Week”

The San Francisco 49ers have traded up to move into the Top 3 in this upcoming NFL Draft. The entire world knows that the Jacksonville Jaguars, who hold the #1 pick want Clemson’s QB Trevor Lawrance. While everyone is sold on him, personally have my doubts and concerns mainly due to him going to a bad team. Gardner Minshew was pretty good in my opinion. He put up solid numbers but still didn’t help the team win. Just too many holes to fill there. With the #2 pick, the Jets are forced to go QB, as well after trading Sam Darnold. They probably could have survived another year with Darnold, but ultimately they opted to go with a restart and it seems like BYU QB Zach Wilson will be the guy. He’s probably the best QB to take out of all the QB’s, because of his decision-making and ability to make plays with his legs. Now we get to the #3 Pick, and while everyone is thinking QB, I’m thinking differently and you all should too. Generally, when you make a trade as big as the 9ers did to move into the Top 3, you have to be almost certain the team will draft a QB. The QB names we keep hearing are Justin Fields, Mac Jones & Trey Lance. The pick is most certainly a QB because nobody gives up this much to move into the Top 3 for an Offensive Tackle. Maybe not even a Lineback or Edge. Teams this off-season have been aggressive to get the players they want. And while that’s the case, sometimes it’s best to let rumors come out so the opposition won’t take what you desire. 

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan at potential future quarterback Justin Fields at his pro day at Ohio State (Photo Credit: Ohio State Football)

Trevor Lawrance has been the #1 ranked player out of this entire draft class. He’s a QB, so I get it, that’s expected. But the best-ranked non-QB Player and probably the overall best player in the draft is Florida’s, TE Kyle Pitts. There have been all kinds of rumors coming out that San Francisco would like to move on from QB Jimmy Garoppolo. But why? Sounds like a smokescreen to me. Sure, he had a rough season last year. He missed a ton of games due to injury and the 49ers just weren’t very good finishing with a record of 6-10. But every team normally suffers from Super Bowl Fatigue the next season after a loss. The 49ers simply suffered from Super Bowl Fatigue. Jimmy G just needs a little more protection so he can stay healthy. He’s a QB that’s still under 30 who takes care of the football and can make plays when it matters the most. But he won’t be able to make those plays without having his protection and having a great core of weapons. Kyle Pitts would give the 49ers another dimension to their passing game that we have seen before out of New England, a double Elite TE passing game. You add that to their running game and tenacious defense, how can the 49ers not be great again?

Tyrone Montgomery Jr.