Tales Of The Week – (NFL Week 1 2017)

By:Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Tyrone Montgomery Jr.
Sports Columnist-LMS Network

1. Jared Goff Is Going To Be Fine

Jared Goff was drafted #1 overall from California in the 2016 NFL Draft. He only played in 7 games last season, but he struggled tremendously passing for 1,089 Yards, 5 TD’s, 7 INTS, posting a mediocre 54% pass completion. The Rams were in disarray last season. They fired their head coach, who didn’t know much about offense and they relocated to a different city as well. To add on to the pain, they didn’t have any weapons besides RB Todd Gurley, so this made life very hard for Jared Goff. This season, they got a new coach, Sean McVay, and they got a top tier WR via trade with The Buffulo Bills, Sammy Watkins. Watkins has been money throughout his career, but unfortunately, he hasn’t played much due to injury. The new branded LA Rams had their first game of the season against The Colts and dominated with a 46-9 Victory. All good things take time. Aaron Rodgers rode the bench several years behind Brett Favre. Mr. Brady, set behind Drew Bledsoe for a little while as well. Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be great once Brady is done. Let’s give Jared Goff some time and not be so quick to write him off just yet. Indianapolis’ defense may be vanilla, but he did pull out an impressive game passing for over 300 yards with a TD.

2. Week 1 Losers Will Be Winners In The End.

The Patriots and Seahawks both lost this week, and both will still make the Super Bowl. New England is by far the best team in the AFC. Their defense looked a bit overwhelmed against Kansas City, allowing The Chiefs to score 42 Points and total over 500 all purpose yards. However, Bill Belichick is a defensive guru. They also play in a lousy division, winning it 14 of the last 17 seasons, so they will win it by default. Edelman may be down, but their best reciever Rob Gronkowski was down last season and they still won the Super Bowl. Now, let’s talk about The Seattle Seahawks. They’re generally not good early in the year. Over the last 3 seasons, in the first half of the year they have a record of 8-10-1. They get better as the season goes on. Also, The Seahawks seem to struggle on the road. The last 3 seasons they have a road record of 13-11-1. They played a really good team on the road this weekend as they lost to Aaron Rodgers and The Packers 17-9. This team’s top rusher Thomas Rawls didn’t play due to injury and they are a running team. I trust their defense, they will get better offensively throughout the season and still make The Super Bowl.

3. Bench Andy Dalton. Sign Kaepernick

Andy Dalton struggled with 4 INTs against the Ravens on Sunday Photo From Baltimore

Over the years, Cincinnati has been pretty good. They’ve kept a pretty strong defense along with a really good running game. QB play has been descent. It has experienced its good moments and it definitely experienced its bad. Well over the weekend in week 1 this season, it had its bad! Andy Dalton threw 4 INTS and got sacked five times. They lost 20-0 against an average Ravens team. The Bengals have been “Close” in recent years, but the question is Do You Think Andy Dalton is “The Guy?” He hasn’t proved to be the guy. In critical moments, he’s a clown, and doesnt have that “IT” factor. No pun intended. Also, this team is very familiar with drama. The Bengals have had players arrested for threatening security officers, carrying concealed weapons, aggravated assault, as well as resisting arrest. Honestly, this list goes on and on. Turmoil isn’t a distraction for this team because they’ve had success even with drama going on. So with that being said, Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent and he would be a great fit for this club. If Andy Dalton continues to struggle, perhaps Kaepernick can get a chance to remind all the other NFL owners that he did take The 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012.