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The Quick Opinion: Ronda Rousey….Don’t Believe The Hype!

By:Robb Johnson

This piece will not take long, I’m a person that likes to build people up, and I want peace on earth. However, it makes my blood boil that people look at Ronda Rousey like she is the greatest female athlete to every live?

Serena Williams is still going strong, just saying. Now let’s talk about the UFC’s saddest most emotional fighter of all time. She was 12-0 fighting nobodies, and she had the nerve to talk crap about Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather fought people with names, she even said she could beat him up. She must have been on a true high when she said this.

That high was great until Holly Holm knocked her out. Then she starting to go on tv and act upset because the bully that is not that talented to begin with got exposed like college kids on spring break back in the day.

We are not going to even mention her second fight where she was beaten down with no regards for her life. CM Punk even said damn when he saw her getting beat down, he actually probably felt sorry for her.

Next point is her acting, it’s bad. Her acting makes me want to watch the Marine movies with John Cena for a week with no food or hammer to put myself out of my misery.

Speaking of wrestling she is now in the WWE, she will compete at Money in the Bank against Nia Jax for the WWE Woman’s title. This is a joke, along with everything she has done with the company so far. Alicia Fox is not a superstar, but she’s 100 times more entertaining than Rousey.

Ronda Rousey is the biggest mistake to WWE and professional wrestling since this list of things that are and were super dumb.

·         Selling the Louisiana Purchase for only 15 million

·         Corey kissing another girl and lying to TopangaEmojiEmojiEmoji

·         WCW giving power to Vince Russo

·         Enzo Amore ever leaving his house

·         Cancelling Family Guy

·         Lisa not marrying Will

·         Mumble rap becoming a thing

·         Home Alone 3

·         The fakeness of the Pocahontas movie

·         The emotional toll of the Fox and the Hound movie on people

·         Legacy Maker Sports Network not having ten million followers yet (were hot)

·         The dollar store having nothing being a dollar in the bitch

·         No service when you really need it after paying a big bill every month

·         That 70s show

·         The ending of the Sopranos

·         TNA moving to Monday Nights

·         running with scissors

·         Eating beans for three straight days and wearing white pants

·         Eating and drinking sugar when your already diabetic

·         saying money is not everything when your six months behind on bills

These things are bad, but when WWE finally realizes how bad Rousey is going to be in WWE my list will be nothing compared to the blowup that Vince will have with Triple H.