Tales of the Week – Week 7 Edition (Trade Deadline)

By:Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Christian Petersen-Getty Images

 The NFL Trade Deadline is quickly approaching. The deadline will be Tuesday October 30th, at approximately 4PM. There are always rumors floating around the league, but trades don’t always happen. They’re a lot like relationships, you talk and talk and talk, but sometimes, things just don’t work out. Here are some News & Notes from around the league as we eagerly anticipate what may happen. 

What Has Happened

Carlos Hyde (Cleveland Browns ——> Jacksonville Jaguars – RB)The Cleveland Browns have traded Carlos Hyde to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 5th Round Pick. This trade doesn’t make any sense to me what so ever. A 5th rounder isn’t valuable nowadays. With a crowded backfield, Carlos Hyde was the best out of the bunch. The Jaguars are already struggling, and Hyde doesn’t fix their problems. He essentially is a rental because that job belongs to Leonard Fournette. TJ Yeldon has been doing well backing him up in his absence and they also signed a 4X Pro Bowler, Jamaal Charles. Both teams lost this deal.

Amari Cooper (Las Vegas Raiders———> Dallas Cowboys – WR)The Las Vegas Raiders have traded Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for a first round draft pick. The Raiders have been a disaster ever since Jon Gruden stepped into office. It’s like Chip Kelly all over again from him time in Philadelphia. Gruden has already sabotaged this team. At this point, it wouldn’t hurt to tear this thing down and start from the ground up all over again. Gruden is simply trying to right his wrongs here. 

Eli Apple (New York Giants ———> New Orleans Saints – CB) A defense that needed a recharge, Eli Apple will offer that to the Saints. As they make a playoff push, possibly for the Super Bowl, the Saints will look to build upon the defense of last season. 

What Could Happen

LeVeon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers – RB)The Steelers have been without Bell all season long. The RB is still holding out. However, he may decide to report to the team after the deadline is over. Pittsburgh is in a really good position at the moment. Number 1 in the division, James Connor has filled in well for the missing Bell. It wouldn’t hurt to bring Bell back, however, they can fill in plenty of other gaps by moving him. Keep an eye out for a Bell deal.

Ameer Abdullah (Detroit Lions – RB)Who knew the Lions would find a star RB!? Kerryon Johnson has been the man in Detroit this season. LeGarette Blount has barely even been thought of in this backfield. That leaves a guy like Ameer Abdullah expendable. There’s really not much use for him there within that offense. 

LeSean McCoy (Buffalo Bills – RB)We hate to see careers rot away, especially in The NFL. LeSean McCoy is running the ball for a team who are years away from title contention. He still is considered a valuable back in the league, and he can really help a team contend. Look for Shady to be moved, but Buffalo will only be willing if the price is right. 

Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos – WR)Demaryius Thomas has seen his production go down year after year after year. I hate to say it, but Tim Tebow may have brought out the best in him. Overrated? A little bit. But he is still productive. However, the fact of the matter is he just doesn’t quite fit the culture anymore in Denver.

Emmanuel Saunders (Denver Broncos – WR)This would simply be a money dump if he was traded. Many teams would line up to try to acquire him on their roster. Saunders is still one of the best WR’s in the league. However, the Broncos don’t appear to be true title contenders. Wouldn’t hurt to save a few bucks while they’re at it. 

DaVante Parker (Miami Dolphins – WR)He hasn’t necessarily been a bust throughout his career, but it still is hard to believe DeVante Parker was the #14 Overall Pick back in 2015. It’s not all his fault, as QB Play has been shaky over the years. Injuries have hindered him as well. The Dolphins would love to get something for Parker while they can.

Robert Griffin lll (Baltimore Ravens – QB) Generally, most teams around the league only keep 2 QB’s on their active roster. With Joe Flacco having an MVP Type Season, Lemar Jackson can be the safe backup bringing more upside. If anything, RG3 was only brought in to support the rookie. 

Tyrod Taylor (Cleveland Browns – QB) The Cleveland Browns drafted Baker Mayfield Number 1 Overall for a reason and we’re finally seeing why. Taylor has been pimped out and he will get pimped out again. Plenty of teams could use him. He very well may get pimped out there too unfortunately.

What Will Happen

Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals – CB) The 7X Pro Bowler, Patrick Peterson has demanded a trade from the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were a darkhorse to possibly make the playoffs. A new coaching staff may have hurt this team in that dream. Peterson now wants out and we all can understand why. Let’s just be happy this isn’t another Vontae Davis Story again.