Next Team Up: Miami Dolphins (4-22-20)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr.

Headline Photo Credit: Associated Press

Make America Great Again. Those were the words of the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Of coarse, those are the words of every President of the United States because we live in what many call “The Land Of Opportunity.” The NFL is full of opportunity. Over the last 19 years/seasons, there wasn’t many opportunities for anyone in the AFC East. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots made quite the name for themselves. Many people have called Tom Brady the GOAT and rightfully so. This dynasty over the years may have been the most dominant dynasty in Sports History. But as I mentioned before, this is the land of opportunity and there are now plenty of opportunities for everyone in the AFC East. The Patriots dynasty is over now that Tom Brady has taken his talents to Tampa Bay. With the 2020 NFL Draft fastly approaching, the team that MUST get this right is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have the 5th Overall pick in this year’s draft. They also have 2 other picks in just the 1st round (18th & 26th), giving them a league high 14 total picks in the draft. That alone is the story written on the wall here. So what will they do???? Well, there are a lot of team needs on their roster, and that comes from the top to the bottom. With that being said, their best option may be to draft the best available. But who are the sleepers in this draft? 

  • A.J. Dillon – RB – Boston College (Offense)

A bruiser type RB who has the ability to make something out of nothing. He may not be your opening day starter, but he has a ceiling that can lead him into a lead/featured back type player. 

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  • Jonathan Greenard – DE – Florida (Defense)

The demand for applying pressure to the QB is at an all-time high now in the NFL. Greenard is a natural pass rusher that works off instinct and intelligence with extreme athleticism. 

The Dolphins are set to have success in the draft, even if that means thinking outside the box. That’s the benefit of having so many picks. This team literally is the land of opportunities. They can be “Flexible” and take plenty of swings at bat here. Instead of striking out, look for a few homeruns to be hit for the Miami Dolphins.