What Changes Are Needed In Washington With The Commanders? (10-10-23)

By: Tyrone Montgomery Jr

Headline Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA Today

Last season, the Washington Commanders took pride in being the first team to beat an unbeaten team in the Philadelphia Eagles. It is something to be proud about. This is especially reassuring for the Commanders because they went toe to toe with the Eagles last week. 

Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-Bowie TV

This past Thursday, the Commanders were on the other side of things in a different way. They hosted the winless Chicago Bears. The Bears and their offense have noticeably been struggling all season long as they were winless. Well, unfortunately the Bears got their first win of the season and their offense looked it’s best all season. As a matter of fact, it may have looked almost as good as the 70 points the Miami Dolphins put up against the Denver Broncos.

Is it too early to make changes in Washington? Right now may be the best time to make changes. But what exactly is needed? Ron Rivera has become a well liked man for this franchise. He is well respected and has a nice resume’ for himself. But is coaching the best position for him? The Commanders have been giving up a lot of points this season. What’s alarming is they have been doing so to teams that should not be scoring a lot. Of course, there are the Chicago Bears but there’s also the Denver Broncos. It’s time to let defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio go and replace him with Ron Rivera. 

Photo Credit: Darrell Owens-Bowie TV

They brought in Eric Bienemy for a reason. He has elevated Sam Howell and this entire offense. We live in an era of football where offense is the priority. It is time to let Eric Bienemy run this team as Head Coach. Something is bound to happen and these moves make sense, especially with Ron Rivera being a defensive minded coach. This change happening now could save the season as the Commanders still have a chance to win this division.